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Happy b-day Frankie!

Hope it went well. Ieroween is always perfect.

I'm so excited about the album, but please remember guys, that just because there is a new album doesn't mean that we can just forget about Danger Days. The era is the My Chemical Romance era, not the C.W. era or anything.

You are worth...

You are worth more than the sun
You are worth more than the rain
You are worth more than money
You are worth more than you think.
You are worth the time it took to type this
You are worth the time it took to love
You are worth the thoughts that wrap your mind
And so much more than what was known.
You are worth more than
all those bullies, "perfects", and popular
make you out to be.
because you breathe from the Earth
not other people's misery.

Don't know what the point of that was, but, just felt like it, I guess.


I just spent probably an hour trying to type something on here to post but when I tried to preview it it had a problem and all my stuff got deleted. Has that happened to anyone else? Just wondering if I should not have done that. I'm so freaking mad because I was so close and wasted all that time because it would make too much sense to just save the damn thing. Oh, well, I guess I'll try again.

Yeah, Mikey, Play that Tambourine!

Mikey's second favorite instrument is the tambourine! It's so funny. Also, The Used guys just wear shorts and a t-shirt while the M.C.R. guys go all out in ties and matching outfits, except for Mikey, standing up on the riser so proud of his mad tambourine skills.

I've kind of been listening to this nonstop for a couple of days

So, looks like Gerard ended up in a desert long before Danger Days. Kind of funny how he stands there sort of awkwardly at the beginning. And, yes, I do know it is not actually M.C.R. doing it, but that's what the person who did it called it, so, yeah, whatever. Hope I get you addicted to it (I sure as hell am) and bye.

Just thinking...

What makes me just so damn special for M.C.R.? I'm just another fan, another person who will go crazy for pretty much no damn reason about what is happening. It's not like I've done anything special that makes me stand out on top of the rest of the fans, I could never. Would anyone have anything to lose if I wasn't a fan? It's not that I don't like the band, I spend more time on this website than I do on my homework sometimes, but, what's the point of trying to be such a huge fan and all if they'll never care? I can't make a difference in the world by fanning over someone who is. So, why?

I'm Confused...

So is Conventional Weapons the MCR5 that was talked about before?
Does this mean this is the end of M.C.R.?
Please tell me, someone! I'm so confused and worried!

Thank you,

MCR and their fans relationship

So if the video has loaded onto this then:
Kagamine Len: M.C.R. fans
Boy she is talking to: M.C.R.
(please do not take this as that all M.C.R. fans are girls!)



It finally came today! All the way from the UK (I live in the US) my beautiful jacket flew and arrived home just now. The sleeves are a bit long but I don't care-- I have it and that's what matters!