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Just needed to say this

This shouldn't apply to any of you, but:

1) MCR IS NOT A ZOO DISPLAY! They do not have to do a regular song-and-dance for you, so stop asking them to entertain us. They have lives of their own, they do not live inside a glass house so you can watch them.
2) MCR PUT CONVENTIONAL WEAPONS ON YOU-TUBE THEMSELVES. Therefore, you can not say they made the album just because they needed money, if they did, then they wouldn't post it on you-tube where they don't get any money for the songs (not that they would, anyway).

The Drive Towards A Divisioned World (Chapter 1) (CW fanfic)

Hey, guys, so I decided to start writing a CW fanfic even though they haven't done any music videos (yet) for them. I'm trying to tie it into the song lyrics and titles and all as well as both Black Parade and DD. I don't know if I really like the title, might change it later. If you like my writing, but want DD, I am also starting a fanfic for that (I have done the prologue and am writing the first chapter now) if you're curious. Comment and suggest (theme or title ideas) please! And of course, enjoy!

Panting and footsteps like monsters that are trying to sneak under your bed echo and rumble through the alley walls that rise like the dungeon bars that entrap the running people. The maze of empty streets deepens as the screaming ideas in the boy's head that is trying to escape run along.

I swear it was only a knife. He ponders the meaning of why these freak-shows decided to chase him over the rest of desperate clingers that mingled aimlessly about when he first started being chased. They shouldn't have seen it. Mom said it was just a kitchen knife. Is it really? Why would she give it to me, anyway? What kind of protection is this, from whatever? I thought it was just a kitchen knife, so what do they want with it; what do they want with me?

His heartbeats come in sync with the driving footsteps of his psychos. He could hear one laughing, the joy distributed evenly and without cause across the entire face. One turn and the end would come. Not just the end of a way out, the end of his life and he knew it. He knew it and didn't want to believe it, but did. He could feel the blood freeze and thaw out again and again as it attempted to circle his veins for as many times as it could before it would drop to the ground and spread raindrop tears.

In another desperate attempt to throw them off his trail, he tossed the apparent weapon down one alley-way and crept up another. Turning a quick corner, he waited to see if he would be safe, but either these people were experienced hunters or they had heard him somehow because they paused only for a second to stare at the weapon. One dark shadow bent over like an unforgiving tree in the wind, and picked up the knife. Grinning, he looked around for a couple of seconds before preceding down the alley-way their prey had ventured. The chased boy leaped at the thunder of their incoming footsteps, and charged as quietly as he could, now wishing he had saved the weapon, he would need it.

His face glowed as he turned one last time. A dead-end towered over him, mocking him, and he couldn't smile back. The tears of red already came pouring out it seemed, and every pore of his body screamed for help, but the limitless night yielded no alternative. He turned and faced his pursuers, and four hungry pairs of eyes stared at him, unblinking.

A Desperate Heart Tells a Deserving Lie (prologue) (DD fanfic)

Okay! So I decided to start writing a DD fanfic. This is the prologue, which just so you know I'm thinking that these characters won't appear later (or a little) but I still really liked it. PLEASE TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK! LOVE YOU!

July 4th, 2020
Death Valley, California near past Zone 6

The soft wind rocks the sea of sand to a gentle lullaby. The sun basks the grove of cow skulls that pearl in the light like the white foam that surrounds them. In the distance, a young girl runs around, cheering as her parents chase her.


So basically I've had these two ideas for possible fanfics to write and I was just wondering if anyone would read them. One would be a Danger Days fanfic (as if you didn't see enough of those) where I would make it sort of a before-and-after thing with the Na-Na-Na and Sing music videos. The other would be for Conventional Weapons. I know they haven't made music videos for them yet (if at all) but it would be based off of the titles and lyrics of the songs.

I'm kind of freaking out by this

Could someone PLEASE explain to me what is happening at about 1:06 in the video?
Oh, and just watch it because it's a good video.

My Mikey moment...

A couple of days ago I was walking through the hallway in school and I saw what looked like a toaster (not sure what it really was) and I had the biggest urge to stick a fork in it. Yeah, wonder what would've happened if I did.

I never really understood

The power of this band to some people. For me, unlike other people where the music saved them, this music first destroyed me and now is saving me. When I first started listening to them, I was still a happy person who would wear lots of colors and all. I loved them for the music, and it changed my entire world. I used to think that the world was a black and white issue painted in a rainbow, but now I realize that it is a rainbow issue painted in black and white. To grow up, and understand the world, I would first have to kill myself inside, and my childhood thoughts.

Happy Birthday Nona!

It's my grandmother's birthday today. Don't know why I'm posting it on here, my life just isn't very interesting otherwise I guess. But yeah, I love her. She is always so amazingly nice to me and everyone.

Don't know why I'm doing it...

Really, honestly have no idea why I'm posting this. Might decide to do something like this maybe once a week if anyone reads it, but, I came up with it and am kind of proud, so...

The greatest thing anyone can ever obtain is the knowledge that they can't do everything.

I guess I'm still kind of innocent...

[] Had beer (alcohol scares me!)
[] Smoked an entire cigarette (yukk!)
[] Done drugs.
[] Written on a bathroom wall.
[x] Read a George Orwell book (am I the only one?!)
[] Had a physical fight.