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Hot Topic Excursion! Weeeeeeee!

I went to see "Now You See Me" (again) with a friend (it was awesome and cool and fun). Afterwards, we walked around in the mall and went to Hot Topic. I got Hetalia and Hello Kitty (with a mustache) bracelets and the first time MCR appeared in a magazine (AP) re-imagined by Gerard magazine which has awesome stories and pretty pics of them and all and two MCR shirts (one of Revenge cover art and the other the hangman tee) because MCR love never dies! Damn, that was a long sentence!

Happy Birthday Mr. Way

In case it has not been said enough, happy birthday to Gerard. Even though My Chem is done, we will continue to celebrate it and its members. I hope you had a wonderful day with your family and friends and that you have many, many wonderful days to come. Can't wait to see what you do later on, the past has already been perfect enough!

Do we need to say goodbye?

I am not ready to accept that MCR has gone forever. They were before talking about a new album. Is this just going to be for a nice break that they deserve or has something really happened to them? Also, what will happen to this website? I have made such great friends on here and don't want them to leave. The world is falling down a tunnel and I can't find the edge. My world has been revolving around MCR and its fans and now the soil crumbles beneath my feet. Will we be forced to move on? I know that I will always be waiting for MCR to relight the light at the end of the tunnel.

Mikey's hair

So everyone always talks about Gerard and his hair colors but I doubt that many people notice that Mikey has changed his hair as much as Gerard (I think until recently). Everyone comments on how Gerard changes his hair but so does Mikey. When Gerard's hair was black for the first two albums, Mikey had the brown hair. When Gerard went bleach-blond for the Black Parade, Mikey went black. Then he did the brown and blond thing for Danger Days. My favorite of the three was the first one, I also like him with glasses. What about you people? Do you think Mikey will change his hair again?

Pass it on!
The Drive Towards A Divisioned World (Chapter 3) (CW fanfic)

I'm sorry this isn't very long but I like the break and it's all I have time for. I might do another chapter later today, I don't know. Also, next chapter I will start to include more groups (starting with the Girl Division group paired with these four) and I will try to make more. Any volunteers? No! Of Korse not! Anyway, enjoy!


The sun was sinking into the marble-like hills that caressed the sky and bent it to the shine that looked like the end of the world. Even with just a sliver left, the sun mad shadows dance to uproarious beats and blinded the five marching along. Although Alex didn't know where he was going, he watched the sun as best as he could, he always always loved the sun and didn't how much of it he would see when he got to wherever they were going.

He would consider himself lucky he got to look at it.

The Drive Towards A Divisioned World (Chapter 2) (CW fanfic)

Little glows started to blossom inside their small pack. Gerard, who had been at the front and was the quickest to weapon-ize gave their prey his first heart-attack. From what had been his right hand was a large gun, a gun that was different from every gun you would ever see. It was a part of him and still held in his hand, a symbiotic relationship that reflected the horror of the world they now gladly crawled through.

"Like her?" He purred gently, addressing the boy who stood not ten feet from them now, shaking like a Mexican-jumping-bean that had been left behind as his friends left for the fiesta. "My mother gave her to me, so no one else is using her. A good gun she is, and one you do not want to be shot with whether you would think it would kill you or not. Oh, yes, she is a very good gun indeed."

The prey felt as though he was going faint then and there, gripping the nearest tall object which happened to just be the wall, he croaked, "Who are you... th... th... things? What do you want with me?"

The four monsters laughed, a laugh much like the one he had heard earlier. Each smile shown and revealed the dis-formed creatures they had become. With Frank's hand, you had a knife that glittered on the blade and the gemstones that swirled around the hilt. Ray's hand that slightly extended to his arm made a large ax that swiveled and crept. Mikey melted into the background, his veins now a bright green for the poison that rushed through them, to come out of his needle-like fingers.

My fanfics

Hey people! So basically I wanted to write a very basic overview of the two fanfics I'm writing. One is a DD fanfic and the other is a CW fanfic (yeah, I know they haven't done anything for it yet). So if they sound interesting, read them! Please! I already have a first part posted for each and am writing more now.

The DD fanfic is a before-including-and-after version of the to videos they did.

CW #3 Song Meanings

Don't know about you or whether this is right but I thought The World is Ugly was referring to stuff like today's fashions and what people think is pretty and The Light Behind Your Eyes was the mind and its power potential. What about you peeps?

My Personal Narrative For English (Please Critique)

So this is my personal narrative I wrote for English this year about my introduction to MCR. I was hoping you guys could critique it for me, being the best people I know on this subject while keeping in mind that I don't think my English teacher will get it. I include a lot of song lyrics so if you go "hey! I thought that was in *insert song name here*!", well, it probably is!