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this had me in stiches
so funny, great way to get back at a cold caller.
on another note, today i discovered glitter + cork gun = fabulizer
great way you and your friends to glitter each other and other things to become fabulous

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who agrees that 1994 was the worst year in music history? i think so

it was the death of kurt cobain and the birth of jb, why couldn't it of skipped from 1993 to 1995 :(

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who here likes bon jovi?

cause yesterday i got an 80s original "slippery when wet" record that plays perfectly :D :D :D ha for a price of just £4, a bloody bargain should of cost lots more :D

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Happy Birthday Gerard!

have a good one!

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the main thing plauging me is

why they would build a brand new studio and say there recording mcr5, give themselves a new logo and stuff then just break up?

it just dosnt make sense

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WTF guys you call yourself killjoys

if so then why is the fuck is MCR losing musical march madness?!!

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in the name of mcr!

go to mtv's musical march madness and vote for mcr!

plus other greats like green day, foo fighter, bfmv... ect

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going reading this summer

as said in the title im going reading this summer, iv just bought myself the tickets so i can see green day, second best band there is (mcr comes first of course), play there, cant wait :D :D :D

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more vinyls :) :) :)

im so hyped right now finally got my uno vinyl, as shown, and it sounds great, brilliant way to end this weekend, anyways my weekend was pretty good as i had a two day drinking session with friends as the last 2 images were took, as you can see from one of them my friends can be so nice to me when i pass out :P, anyway all i can say is that im gratefull that after only 5 of us going through large bottles of a bottle of cosmopolitan, 2 bottles of vodkas, bottle of a cheaper version of pimms, two bottles of pear cider, a bottle of peach schnapps, and a couple of bottles of other stuff i cant recall, drunk in 2 nights, i can say im grateful that i at least dont get hangovers :P

anyways hope you guys are all good, see ya