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Something to think about...

I do not know how alive this site is anymore.

I just have been thinking about saying this for a bit.

It is about marijuana.

If you are young and smoke it, reconsider. It may not seem like a terrible drug, but it is not good.

I have a boy friend who is 25 and started smoking as a teen(15 I think he said). I do believe a dependency does form. It becomes more emotional rather then physical(like a lot of drugs, which people do start using because emotional issues)
However research has shown using weed at a younger age does cause more issues then say if you started it around 21(21 because that

anyone have a issue...

where you...think about many things constantly...yet just ....don't really care...???

That's how I have been. Its about everything...not just 1 or 2...I figured its probably a depression issue. I've had issues with it when I was younger...but never to this degree.
I'm just unsure what to do..
I think its cause I have been through a lot the last like 12 months...I just don't want to deal with it anymore...I also feel like a screw up. No matter what.....I always fail...


STOP with the makeup!

Specially if you are 11-18...
Or tone it down...lil lip gloss...maybe a bit of eye shadow. I see these pictures of girls with soooooo much makeup actually makes girls look older!!
Along with that the cheap stuff is really not good for your skin, so much junk is in it.

If you have acne..(I will admit I never had any issue with this...I don't/didn't get zits much...) really really really is not good for that...I suggest trying natural tea tree oil..(do research..I know of it cause my lil sisters does work!!!..)..
I also

Advice...I am not good with guy stuff..

I have..well I guess currently we aren't together..a bf.
He has been busy. My birthday was yesterday...we have been together about 3 weeks. I did not tell him so I was not him not saying anything.
However last night I got bored and decided to check his facebook out.
Well, he had a pic of himself kissing some girl. I told him I wanted the back of my phone back last night...(we have the same phone, his is black mine is white...and we got them before we ever meet! lol)...after I got no reply. then today ....I texted him twice. Got a reply the second time.

My first about....wait for it wait for it


DORA THE EXPLORER! It is killing have to listen to it...Never have I hated a kid show sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much.
My sister(she is 3) loooves it..

I don't mind mickey mouse clubhouse...and I will admit I like to watch the tickerbell show..and those movies...with her..idk why..but I hate hate hate hate Dora...I die a little inside each time I have to watch it...

(one time I couldn't get out of watching it cause she heard "coming up next is... Dora!"...(usually I say no it isn't on..mawhahaha>)....)...

I felt the need to share this