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The semester is coming to an end

I wanted to post this blog earlier to wish everyone good luck with the exams but things didn't go according to plan.

Good luck to everyone who's still writing. Give it your best. Work hard, stay dedicated and you will achieve it. I have faith in you.

Take care


Hey guys

A few weeks ago I had this really amazing dream. It's love, fear, sadness, excitement, disappointment and terror all wrapped into one. Some parts were pretty devastating but it was so beautiful to me because Ray Toro was in my dream. I also have no one to share this with so I really wanted to write about it on here. It's not really great, it's actually silly and it's very random. You really don't have to read it, because the length is ridiculous but if you're bored, here you go. Enjoy?:


What if a world wide Final Destination breaks out?

A bundle of Thank You's and I Love You's

I just want to thank everyone for commenting previously on my blogs. Wish there was a "favorite" button. I love you guys so much <3

I miss you as well. Especially my friends

True or not..

Overheard from a guy at a music store that My Chemical Romance is coming to my country anytime this year. I was so ecstatic but I haven't seen any official announcements on My Chemical Romance's website so I shouldn't get too excited. We'll just have to wait and see...

And also the blog should be "sweet and short". I don't know, I love spilling everything on here and if I want to post a blog, I WILL make sure I post a BLOG *devil horns*


This is not working for me


Are we friends or "friends"?

Today we're writing a very hard subject and it came to my surprise that one of my classmates who ignored me for two weeks now texted me. She asked me if I studied because she knows that I'm very studious. So when I said yes, she told me that our group of friends are going to meet up early at college to study. It's always so interesting seeing how you're completely invisible throughout the course and then all of a sudden right before an exam BAM, you're the most popular kid at college. Like, seriously, eff off? This happened before as well.

Weekend Wind Down

This weekend was amazing. I got my results this Saturday and I am over the moon. We still have to write exams starting on the 4th of June but it's only two weeks long and after that Semester 1 is history. We have a month break which is totally awesome so I'll be catching up on a few things. I still don't miss school. Not one bit.

Thank you so much for everyone who commented on my blog. I really felt down but your comments made me feel so much better. I love you. Hope everyone had a nice weekend. It was also Bandit's birthday.

Life with My Chemical Romance

I finally got my internet sorted out so I can be online more often dropping blogs like bombs, haha. Fun times. Things are going very well with the studies now and I feel not so frustrated like I did the other day. Thank goodness.

So, this weekend I took some rest and said that this is going to be my last weekend off until the end of the semester. While I was resting I watched some cute and funny MCR videos on YouTube. It really made me laugh and feel happy. Thought I might share it just in case someone never saw it before.

(Gerard's awkward laugh when Frank said "kinder-sex")

Get back up and fight back

I'm studying and doing my assignments - it's almost the end of the semester. I feel so frustrated because I feel so tired but it's not the end yet. Three more weeks to go, how painful. To make it worse, semester 2 is waiting.

You'll be surprised how people look down on and walk over first year college students. I experienced that the past three weeks and it drift me to tears. I'm being humble to everyone but they classify me as a soft target and use that to break me down. Those were the people who are suppose to lead you and be a good example to you but I guess you get that everywhere.

Happy birthday, Gee ^,^

And today, exactly 35 years ago, our favorite person was born. Man, apparently it trended today on twitter? I missed that, unfortunately, but you should've seen all the sweet tweets people posted. Aww, the MCRMY is so heart-warming.

I hope everyone had a lovely day and had fun celebrating his birthday. I sure did..thanks to YOU. And maybe someday we all can get together and throw one huge party in celebration of Gee's birthday, that'll be beyond awesome ;)

Sending lots of love and greetings to Gerard, hoping he'll enjoy his Special Day even more than we did because he deserves it after all he