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i love that song it's very inspirating

i miss gerard's red hair

i miss his red hair because he looks very sexy but i also like him with black hair

you know what they do like guys like us in prison

i love that song but i think the beginig is amazing

save yourself,i'll hold them back!

wow that song is amazing!!!! i love when gerard says you motherfucker!!


is it true that my chemical romance is coming to mexico in february15 of the 2012?

killjoys help!

does somebody know when is my chemical romance comming to Mexico because i'm not sure if they are comming in january26 or february 15 or if they are not comming please put your comments!


make some noise!!!!!!!!!!!

i don´t love love you

that song describe my feelings right now


that song is so beautiful and the voice of gerard is amazing specially when he says what's the worst thing i could say things are better if i stay so long and goodnight ohh i love my chemical romance their songs are just amazing

i'm not okay(i promise)

i think i can heard that song 1000 times and i love it more!!