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Moving on...

GAH! In the space of three weeks I've got my a level results, been accepted into uni, turned 18 and been to an amazziinnng festival (leeds). Pretty bummed green day only played at reading that weekend but hey ho. They will tour and I will go, can't wait!. Also can't wait to leave home and see some new faces. Life's goood!

Listen to your anti

Anti's advice for the day.
Don't let a fear turn into a phobia. If you're scared of spiders, tell yourself 'hell no, I'm not scared of no spiders'. Phobic reactions are horrible. Imagine being creeped up on from behind when you think you're alone and having someone grab you. The way you'd feel after is the same kind of reaction you get with a phobia. Your heart goes crazy, you feel sick and you shake like a dog shittin razorblades (to quote a legendary song) Confront your fears before it is too late.
Few, that was ventalicious.

I'll fight and defend ;)

I'm in love with this song. I'm normally not really into stuff like Deadmau5 but maybe it's time for a change eh? With Gerard's vocals it reminds me of Planetary and Zero Percent a little bit. Some of the comments underneath pissed me off a little... Just the same old whiny haters. But we've gotta rise above it and feel sorry for them. On the other hand, I'm SO happy how many killjoys are commenting and the stuff they are saying. It's making me really proud just reading them and reminds me how far I'll go to defend this band.
Love and kisses to the mcrmy x


Anyone want to hear a blatant rip of SING? Listen to this. The cheek! GRRR