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I know sorry won't ever be good enough the best I can do is wish you a nice life.
I rode a tailcoat to pleasure and didn’t even pay the toll bridge. But I still understand why those who live underneath it sew stiches into skin, just to unpick them the next day. I’m proud of nothing, don’t get me wrong and this swift escape could be my last. I’m the good one who’s bad – I don’t need his forgiveness, but except it anyway because it’s easier. I’m the one who should be making apologies into this pillow while I get lost in mesmerisation.


just listened to tre the last album from green day online, fave songs have to be brutal love and dirty rotten bastards by far. So good that music from the best 2 bands on earth is all coming out at the same time :D merry christmas fukkas! xxxxxx

Bass bass bass!!

Eugh. Getting dumped sucks balls. Listening to ambulance,gun, boy division and tomorrow's money on repeat to cheer me up. The 2 new songs blow my mind. I've noticed in the conventional weapons songs, the bass is just so killer. I'll never stop loving the angsty feel mcr had and these new ones are full of it. I love danger days but these songs make me want to dance like crazy, smoke a ciggarette and fuck some shit up. Awesome :)


Don't underestimate people. I thought the worst damage was what I could do to myself. I was so wrong. There are people out there who will make you the happiest person alive one minute, and the next they have you judging everything you're living for.


The wonder that is Gerard Way has now dedicated a grand total of 18 tweets just to coffee. I'm very sure we can expect more to come. (I write this while drinking coffee) Peace x

gerard's back on twitter!

Praise the lord! He's returned!
That is all x

Cow tipping...myth or reality?

So after reading the anatomy of a fall (a truly amazing fic to read if you don't mind frerard fics.) I read the bit where mikey says he's going to go cow tipping. I actually thought it was a real thing until I read online it's just an urban (or rural I guess) legend. Apparently the cow size/weight ratio makes it impossible for one human to push over a sleeping cow. And also apparently cows have super-sensitive hearing so they'd wake up before you got to them. Scary huh? So I youtubed it and didn't manage to find a succesful cow tip.


SO it’s a big day for all things mcr. I'm so happy we're getting a chance to hear the stuff they came up with before danger days. But right now in my own little life some s***t has gone down :/ I think blogging helps so here I go (drumroll please). Tonight was the last time I was going to see my best two friends before I go to uni/college next week. SO we all went out and got nice and drunk with everyone else to be waved off to the wider world. I should inform you that I am hopelessly, deeply, truly, pathetically in love with one of these best friends.

Yeah boi!

Best frikkin film EVER. Gets me every time. Just thought I'd share ;)

30 years now lost

Fuck you divorce