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Anti bloik advice

I just thought I would share my horrible experience of my first concert, now bare with me as I am in my thirties so you may not have heard of this man.
Me and my sister went to watch Fish - he was the singer of a group called Marillion. He left and went solo.
So me and my sis get to the front of the stage thinking that we were the luckiest bitches on the planet, this wasn't because we had a crush on him - he was not the most attractive and was a lot older than us - it was just getting the front of stage for my first concert was like winning the lottery.
Anyway, I was really enjoying the first part of the concert. I was singing away and I felt something on my face, looked up to see him flicking his hair about and got what felt like a bucket load of SWEAT IN MY MOUTH! I nearly hurled on contact and spent the rest of the concert just wanting to get the fuck away but I was trapped by the crowd.

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All quiet on the MCR camp?

It's all very quiet on the MCR camp at the moment. No one has posted since 5th.
Gerard's twitter account has gone black.....very eerie.... It's kind of like a long drum roll, you don't know what will be on the end of it. I hope everything is alright.
I feel sorry for Mikey, he is getting loads of stick, no body knows what happens behind closed doors. They all have lives that are none of our business unless they want it to be, if they want it to be then I am sure they will share news with us.
Loving Franks 'This song is a curse' .
Love to you all -when are you all coming to the UK again?
XxxBooBooxxxxx -twitter acc