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believe it or not

one day I was walking in the corridors of the school open my locker and I saw Frank in the locker
it was really fun

what happened


whit bulletproof



1.Go crazy when we hear our favorite song from My Chemical Romance.
2. We listen to your songs all day, anywhere.
3. When we hear "My chemical romance" we stop his ears and antennas
4. Every time we see them on TV, stared open-mouthed
5. We are able to kill people who criticize
6. We know all the lyrics by heart
7. That every time we talk about them
8. Spend the whole weekend without going out and glued to the PC, looking for information about them.
9. Chat make friends, fans of MCR.
10. We dream every night with them.
11. We have our room full of posters of them, until our parents tell you

thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MCR

no words to describe MCR
really saved me when I first heard was my salvation
me out of darkness and suffering to myself that I was determined to end my life would be the only thought was to have no life, but listen more famous last words and really inspired me the letter I told myself they passed through the same and look at him now continue with their lives
lifesaving truth really is amazing
I love

I missed it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

shit shit shit
fucking shit volcano
because of their eruption
and his ashes are reached chile
Uruguay (my country)
and also to Argentina
bariloche that affected one of the places in Latin America where there is snow
As this year marked 15 years that Latin America is the world's best but for me age is just one more
going to bariloche had a gift for just 14 days
I can go but instead of seeing snow and ashes ashes ashes view
and worse would have to walk with masks
but the only thing was to go and change hize travel camboriu now I'll go to (Brazil)
enjoy these 2 photos of bariloche

winter vacations

hey hey hey
finally i got my winter vacations
time to fall asllep and wake up soo early
time to watch tv for hours
and play whit my playstation 2 like a crazy
more time to listen mcr
and say killjoys make some noise


alone at home
listening DESTROYA
more likely it is that I fence with my mother shopping at the mall for a
T-shirts and jeans converse sneakers especially
winter I and my best friend Tanya was
as a gift from his 16 years miami
but I hope to graduate and go to new york usa especially to work
career as a game designer

oh noo!!!!

I can not believe
Today I have delivered ratings and at least
not approved
it is best to go with my school tomorrow to
not the song
but the kind of astronomy
I leave a picture of me
and my best friend tania
tania is the one with the camera
I am the next

look that

do you think?
no color?

really was a fan like us
but I love it out the same
is very colorful
and has power

I say goodbye

psychedelic candy

this is not a mcr song believe it myself, I hope it's like:

I wake up somewhere in my
home the sun is well above
just move your eyes
see piper disorder
everywhere my torn sofa
There was a party?
or is one of the effects of these candies?
I do not remember anything
not who I am not sure if
I have a family hate these
I'll leave candy but I can not
are very good you are relaxed

way around the whole mess
I see myself and a girl picture frame
was my girlfriend and I remember is the love
and leave for the candy the girl without
caies and with no teeth by as much sugar
I do not