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ahhhhhh i lovee this video of leathermouthhhhhhhhh
yesssss i changeee my aperienceee and what is the f****** problem
plese see this videooooo MCR is really trueeeeee

Yes is really the true all they said this killjoys
and the first message not the photos
come for my countryy
and is amaizing
dont try to find
im not there
thank you please seee

well I'm back to roll klljoys
I recently finished viewing the rocky horror picture show but the next day I get up at 8.00 am to study because I have summer classes

Killjoys my grandfather gave me some support finally died and that God keep it in your heart
but for the worse a surfer friend from childhood died of a heart attack while on a competition
beaches in peru
and I really feel very bad
but no clear life for Quiet
but I just want to thank you for being
cai and lock there when I got many

My biggest and most beautiful family in the world
there is no way to pay

P.D let me

what is your favorite songs of mcr????

my favorite songs are all but only two are really amazing for me

this is the best day ever

its not a fashion statement is a fucking deatwhish

this is one of my favourite part of life on the murder........

Really i pass a lot time plaing this games
there are
i leve you the link


Danger Days:


I HATE MY LIFEEEEEEEE HELPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In this days i recived the news
and is a horrible news
my mum say to me that my
grandfather got cancer and is a fucking

killjoyssss help meeeeeeeeeeeeeee

in a days is the birthday of MCR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What would you do if your last day on earth?

really the first thing I would do is spend with my family and my friends also grab my dog ​​and my audio equipment and get to hear all MCR albums and know that I died listening to the world's best

would you do???? .......