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pleaseeee answer if you now!!!

first hello and that's it going??
good running the rumor not beat the new haircut that made gerard way tweeted but not given to the light I leave the tweets I post about it and a possible photo that goes online if you know the answer to either-contestaaa mandendme pictures or have a message and I will spend my email to send burn

thank you very much

i love it

for me is fucking perfect!!!!!!!!!1

new cut

yes i decide to cut all my long hair because i was tired to wake up and dedicate 30 minute to him

and the other picture i found when i was on work i my face was like (:3) RAMONES!!!! bitch now i need to find one of the sex pistols

do you like my hat??

i love this hat is amazing and so comfortable
i go whit this on the school all the day in my house to the market to every where
yeah and dont scare for my face im ugly and i dont care a fuck

i sooooooooooo happy finaly

i got you motorhead finally im soooo happay now i can die in peace

i was on facebook and i saw tjis video and is amazing
coming from the fans in all latin america

sooooooooo i can be...............

Gerard Way:
[] Born in April
[] You've been addicted to alcohol and/or drugs
[] Born a leader
[x] You love drawing
[x] You love singing
[x] You don't take crap from anyone
[] You're afraid of needles
[] You call your friends by their last names instead of their first
[x] You have siblings and love them
[] You have brown/green eyes
4 out of 10

Mikey Way:
[] Born in September
[] You play bass
[x]You don't have asthma
[] You are near-sighted
[x] You wear glasses
[x] You've had the urge to stick a fork in the toaster
[x] Seen as the little kid amongst your family and friends
[x] You are the

countsss follow me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

i leave you the link:

and more later i leave some photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

wish me the best............................................