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We got a Medical Emergency!

'I drink juice when I'm killing 'cause it's fucking delicious.'
Yes, Gee. Me too.

Stay snazzy!


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Weather Report!

Dude, it's thundering and lightning-ing like fuck out here. I might disappear, but don't worry, BL/ind hasn't got me ;) To Canda 2, my accomplice, drop me a line on the wireless if you can't get a hold of me. :)

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Party Tricks!

You know, that one thing that you just have to show everyone.. that one thing that nobody else can really do. Maybe you can touch your nose with your tongue. Maybe you can lick your elbow. Well, Killjoys, this post is dedicated to the fabulosity of party tricks, and I'm doing this now because I really could not wait. Besides that I probably would have forgotten by tomorrow >.>

Personally, I can put my right foot straight forward and my left foot completely backwards, so that the heel of my left foot is completely aligned with the toe of my right one. I has double jointed nearly-everything. My fingers do things they shouldn't o_o As well as that, I can wiggle my ears, curl my tongue, I can almost do that wave thing with my eyebrows, and I can swivel my arms so that my hands are back to front.


So, what kind of stuff can you guys do? Anything completely out of this world?

Stay snazzy!


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A Post about Halloween Because Yes

Sorry, guys, I know I'm using this as a proverbial brain-bin. I just need to clear my head out and I don't trust my brother not to go snooping round my files.

So! For Halloween this year I completely have the snazziest costume picked out already. I'm basically hoping to go as a Black Parader. Here is the list of snazzy stuff!

-Black parade jacket
-Skull makeup that doesn't fuck my face up by making me look like the Creature from the Black Lagoon with my fucking allergies
-Black-painted fake nails
-MCR shirt
-Black jeans
-Knee-high leather boots
-Maybe some kind of fake wartime medal or something?

It should be so awesome! I can't be the only one planning for Halloween this early, right?

Also, spellcheck is so shit... it though me being half-asleep and spelling fucking as fucknig was me trying to write McKnight.

*bangs head against wall*

Stay snazzy!


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Eight-Bit Gaming!

So this game, Off the Rails on Miniclip, is about these two Mexican cacti on an old-fashioned minecart doing all sort of crazy shit. I think there's even one level where you've got to run away from a train. All you have to do is guide these little guys through a Lara-Croft inspired platform game thing, full of holes to jump over and beavers to jump over and these weird spiky blue conch shells to jump over, and coins to collect. Naturally. And I used to play it at primary school when it rained, which was a lot, so I got good at it. So my memory is of Off the Rails being no shit at all, just a breeze.

I could not have been more wrong.

This shit is fucking insane! Man, OTR is one hard game, as snazzy as it may be. And it is really snazzy. Damn, why do pretty things have to be such hard work?

Stay snazzy, Killjoys, Paraders, and Revenge-seekers alike.

Peace out <3


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hilariously disturbing thought actually??

what if when there's a funeral they actually just cut the person's head off and the rest of the coffin isn't hollow, it's just solid or there's a fake body and the real body's gone to someone researching frankenstein or where the soul is...

good god what is my brain.

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Confucius and Imbolc, among other things

We just watched Confucius, with Chow Yung Fat in it. Bloody hell, what a great film! However, my ultimate Chinese film has still got to be Red Cliff, which I hold in the highest prestige. Sorry, Confucius. It really was an awesome film though. The casting was ninja, the photography was stunning, the costumes were alike to an atom bomb of gorgeous and most of all, it seemed 100% accurate. The subtitles were timed spot on (it was in Mandarin) and Chow Yung Fat delivered a sparkly performance, one of his best, methinks. <3

On a less awesome note, my godfather Dave is being a demanding arse and I am getting super sick of people trying to make me do things I don't want to do. I have had my fill. Honestly.

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My ID!

Killjoy ID: Neon Firework
Since: oh, man, no idea. xD 2011?
First Song: I'm not okay (I promise)
Favourite Song: All of them. All. Of. Them.
Killjoy Song: The World Is Ugly, or SING
Killjoy Phrase: Stay snazzy!
Colour: Blood red
Symbol: An explosion.
Status: Standing by.

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Salutations, world!

I return from the Land Called Tumblr! I have dragged myself away from it's obsessive depths and I'm back, and gayer than ever >3 Over the 42 weeks that I have been absent, many snazzy and fabulous things have happened. Firstly and most importantly, I got my most amazing, snazzy, fabulous and insanely rocking friend Becca, or Skullrose, into MCR! And she has an account on here! And I am very happy! This is something to party about, and party hard, my friends.... >3

In other, less awesome news, my girlfriend of four months moved to Kent and decided to randomly tell me, in the first week of her relocation, that she has a boyfriend. I don't know his name, but they kill zombies together on Call of Duty. We killed zombies together too >: just on miniclip. This is most unfair, my friends!

I shall update later... and remember...

Don't let them take you alive!

Peace out~


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Ahoy there!

Hallo :3 So just recently (as in last year recently) I got majorly into Mychem and now they are MY ONLY BAND and now I have a blog on their website and I'm sure it will be terribly exciting ;)

I am currently putting together a portfolio of fan-brain-vomit (oh what a lovely way to put it! I need another word) and I have no how to get it to them o_o sighhh.

That's it for now I guess~

Stay snazzy!