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I have never been more awake!!!

Good god it's seven minutes past midnight and I be buzzin', killjoys! I feel like someone slipped speed into my coffee or something. Bzzz. Bahahaha. Not that I drink coffee much. Neither have I ever taken speed. Although that might be interesting. Hmm.

My hands, however, are remarkably steady! I was expecting them to be shaking like leaves, pero no, no shaking to be seen. Although my spelling is definitely worse. I may break the backspace button soon. Or it could sue me for harassment or something. That would not be snazzy. That would be fucking weird. How would a non-sentient piece of plastic manage to talk enough to compile a logical lawsuit against me in court? I mean, please, that's mad.

I swear to god I will have nightmares about getting sued by my backspace button now. It will say to me, "For harassment and ignoring the protests of the harassed, my lawyer and I are suing you for the sum of 20 million pounds sterling."

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Status Report! (Again... sorry)

So, killjoys, it's the holidays! I hope that everything has been super snazzy so far for you guys!! As for me, things are pretty awesome~ I spent the morning watching AmazingPhil and danisnotonfire on Teh Youtubez... Well, more like the first bit of this afternoon... Canda, I told you, I'm nocturnal!

In other news, when we get back on Monday, we'll get a new timetable for our GCSEs and start them immediatly, l presume. In even more news, isn't it irritating when your goody goody two shoes brother reads your blog posts over your shoulder?

At some point in the week I hope I'll be able to go and see Skullrose at her house but my mum's a bit adamant because of stuff happening.

I'll update later :)

Stay snazzy!

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Status Report Incoming!

Random thought; maybe Tim Burton would be happy to make an MCR film based either on TBP or DD? It just seems dark enough for him. Hrrm. ... >3

So, I'm just letting you all know, I'm about to set up my snazzy awesome new computer set up for the love of music. The 'puter I'm on now (my baby G3) has no flash player so I'm slowing dying of MCR deprivation. Damn you youtube! Agh. xD

Also! I found my top hat. <3

Update on my Killjoy costume for Canda 1: I'm going to start working on patches to sew onto my denim jacket. I haven't got the material or a proper design yet, but I do have some yellow felt, so we'll see what I can do... >3

Check out the picture, guys! It's snazzy and awesome and fabulously well done :3 I found it while trawling around looking for a good thing of Dr Death's radio station logo, but I couldn't find one anywhere!

I think that's all for now, Killjoys~

Stay snazzy!

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Nicked from Momiji_Neyuki

Hit read more to get entire text. :)

1) Height? Eh, I'm not actually sure.

2) Virgin? Yep.

3) Shoe size? 6

4) Sexual orientation? Lesbian

5) Do you smoke? No~ My mum does, though.

6) Do you drink? No.

7) Do you take drugs? No, although I'm pretty curious...

8) Age you get mistaken for? Online, like 16. Other than that I don't really get out a lot so... yeah.

9) Have tattoos? Nope~

10) Want tattoos? Not really. Needles >.<

11) Have piercings? Yep!

12) Want piercings? I want spiderbites. So. Bad.

13) Best friend? Skullrose

14) Relationship status? Single

15) Biggest turn ons? People with snazzy hair, people wearing eyeliner, people with a nice voice and nice hands

16) Biggest turn offs? When people invade my personal space, and overly suggestive people (squick)

17) Favorite movie? Either K-Pax, anything by Tim Burton, The Avengers or Inception. Also Ghost in the Shell. Gah! So hard to choose...

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I think I'm Hallucinating!

This is really bizzarre and creepy and I am scared because I can just see eyes in the corner of my vision and help DDx I have to go to bed now I really don't want to

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god, god, god

So, killjoys, breaking news! My ex is talking to me on Facebook! He has a fabulous ginger fringe and an earring and different glasses (no more mikey-esque ones ): ) and he fixed his teeth and he works at HOB salons somewhere and he's not got acne anymore -not that that mattered- and he looks so happy, honestly.

I don't know what to think.

In other news, I might not be in school tomorrow, because snow is falling from the sky like a Green Day song and FROST GIANTS, I SAY.


So, there's that. I might draw some more but I have to clean my room ): I never like doing it. It feels like I have to clean up memories too. I put everything into boxes and never see them again. It's sad, really. I have too much stuff in my room. Like in my head, I guess... But my Super Epic Awesome Snazzy Ninja Wall is getting more additions soon yay <3

Also I drew the most epic Black Parade Gee yesterday. It really looks like him!! So proud!

Stay snazzy, killjoys!


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My brain is full of stuff again!

First of all- Fall Out Boy getting back together! EXCITEMENT asgmshfjhg I love their new song <333

Secondly, I just want to plank somewhere. Anywhere. I don't care.

Thirdly my Chemistry teacher is Scottish and instead of saying 'marshmellow' she says 'maarsh-maal-ow~' and it is apparently awesome but I keep forgetting. I hate my memory. I just, there's always so much stuff in my head it overrides sometimes sometimes it just goes away if too much shit is happening yep. Canda, that's what happened yesterday. Twice. Get what I mean by saying that feeling your brain turn back on is painful? Welp.

Canda, remind me; swimming kit on Friday is a thing I need.

Fuck, my hands are freezing.

The Smurf told me a joke today. It goes like this;

Dude: What's the fastest biscuit?
Other dude: Derp, idk. What?
Dude: S'gone!

I think you have to say it for it to make sense though. /strokey chin
I think that's all for now, Killjoys.

Stay snazzy!


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My Sleeping Pattern is Whacked!

(have what i'm listening to. the track's like super chilled eminem with no swearing)

So I figured it out! My sleeping pattern is whacked! Not only do I eat sporadically over the day, I do the same with sleeping. When I do sleep properly (as in over a couple of hours) it's after almost an hour of music wind-down time. I mean, now I'm awake. I could dance if I wanted to. I could bust out with the snazziest robot you have ever seen. But before, I was just like... dude if I do not find a soft surface soon I will pass out here at my desk and fuck this whole blog post to high heaven.

Okay, another reason why I don't sleep much would be the FUCKING BRATS THAT WAKE UP SCREAMING AT THREE AM BEHIND THE WALL RIGHT NEXT TO MY HEAD. And of course their Mum is at work all the time and the Dad couldn't give two shits about them. But there are three little girls and one grizzly baby all with bedrooms on the same width as mine. I. Hate. Them. All.

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Random Updates!

Hey, Killjoys~ today Canda 2 (skullrose) taught me The Creep. It's like a T-Rex thriller ha-I'm-following-you type thing. And then I fell asleep in PSH-whatever. It's a useless class about things everyone already knows about and is just shitty filler to keep us quiet while killing us of boredom. Luckily I was at the back and I don't snore (although I do talk sometimes) but I woke up and it was like woah what's going on. I was so confused.

I am still so wiped. Man. >.<

I've lost so much weight? And I don't know why? And I'm not ever hungry anymore. But I just get so tired. I can't find it in me to be snazzy today >: I need caffeine. Arrghhhh.


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This music is no good for heartache.

Once upon a time, there was a girl. And it wasn't like in fairy tales, because there was nothing special about this girl. She went to a school, and she got bullied by everyone else and became branded a bully for trying to defend herself. But once upon a time, a boy joined her school. He was two years older than her, and had a little brother that hit people, and he was adopted. and everything about him was special. He couldn't do maths, and neither could she. He couldn't run, and neither could she, so when the bullies ran to her, she ran to him where he stood and pulled him away and they hid by the shed until they stopped chanting and left. And she doesn't know if now she remembers that, but the girl remembers now.