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it seems that Mikey will be dad, good but not confirmed but ..............


hola kills, les dejo una noticia que tal vez les guste.............el viernes 2 de agosto en ZZradio van a hacer un especial de My Chemical Romance ,van a hacer un concurso y van a regalar dos camisetas de MCR a los dos ganadores........para participar solo tienen que responder a las preguntas y tuitear con el hashtag ‪#‎MCRenZZradio‬ los twetts los envian a @ZZradio @XavierPilozo1 y @AllanStiven, las respuestas a las preguntas las escriben con marcadores en cartulinas y twittean la foto..........participen y pasen la tienen dudas sobre el concurso me avisan......aqui les dejo el

MCR come back without Frank [RUMOUR]


[Mod note: This is just a rumour, and there is no truth in it whatsoever.]


And Lynz entered the band, when I read the news I wanted to die, just a rumor, but it seems that is real ..... I do not really like that Frank out, without him MCR it would not be the same


Gerard just said: Perhaps

I'm virgin

yes, I'm a virgin,I'm 18 and some people are amazed and other annoy me about it, they say that I'm old enough to still be a virgin and I don't care I will do when the time.


long ago had not uploaded a blog, anyway
how are killjoys??

About me :P

1) Height? 5'1''
2) Virgin? yes
3) Shoe size? 7
4) Sexual orientation? heterosexual
5) Do you smoke? No.
6) Do you drink? No.
7) Do you take drugs? No.
8) Age you get mistaken for? 15.....I'm 17
9) Have tattoos? no
10) Want tattoos? Yes
11) Have piercings? no
12) Want piercings? yes!!!!
13) Best friend? Andrea, Erika, Roxana, Jean Pierre, Maria, Johanna
14) Biggest turn ons? tatoos
16) Biggest turn offs? Drugs
17) Favorite movie? The Pursuit of happyness
18) I will love you love MCR
19) Someone you miss? some of my friends
20) Most traumatic experience? I don't know :P

A YEAR!!!!!! YEAHHHH!!!!!!

yeaahhh, I've been a year to share with you on this page and I'm very happy about that

NA NA NA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!