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pissed off

i saw the we are the Kids from yesterday vid and just want to Know if it's really their Video
because if it is than i'm just asking myself if they hadn't told us
they wouldn't Want that we Pissed off because of Not telling us about a New Video,right?
ok i AM Pisses off!!!!
but it's really Beautiful!!!!!!!!!

my Best friend

Hey there,
my Best friend is a Boy. he's two Years older than me but goes in my Class (he had to repeat One).
he's not verry good at School and so his parents told ihm, that he have to think about leaving our School. I Know it could Be much easyer for him, cause than His parents could help him (he's at the boarding School).
he Said he don't want to go and will try to be Better at School. I really Hope he will Be better, than otherwise he have to go!
I couldn't See him anymore because he Lives more than 400km Away from here. he's the only person i can Show my real Feelings and hwo unrstand me.

wild girl xDDDD

today i was out for a walk with my dog and i just ran around like a crazy person( which i am xD) and found this wonderful place......i should do this more often! than i would know all those wonderful places noone goes and i would kow a place where i can be alone....and think about something.........i´m happy
found something special xD

what if God smokes Cannabis?

haha couldn't stop laughing. i watched a Musicvideo from a Song wich Falles "what if God smokes Cannabis?"
well i relised that we sang that Song with our Choir at School, well it was an other Text and i'm Not surre if there was First that Song we sang or the other but if it was the other i can't belive that we really Sang a Song which names in original "what if god James Cannabis?"
it's so awesome!!!

free piano Music

Hey there,
i Need your help.
i want to Play a few piano pieces of my Chemical romance. i can't findaenything.
maybe you can help me. where can i find free piano Music?????

explosion hybrid

why did you said that????

I talked to one of my best friends and told her thad I want scene emo hair. I also told her that I want to dye my hair green or maybe read or bue ( something strange).
well I knowed that she would say I´m stupid and maybe would say that I´m a madman because she wouldn´t like the idea but she said really hard things to me like I´ve no brain and I´m just a fucking bitch.....something like that
she hutred me. said I´m totaly failed and I´ve just stupid ideas and if I really am like that why I don´t want to kill myself otherwise she would do that to not see me anymore
I just asked me if she´s a

don't Know what's boing on with me

since a few weeks i'm verry unhappy, depressiv and think i'm Not a good Person.
today ireally wanted to Cut myself and it wasn't the First Time........
i didn't do that but i don't Know how Long i wouldn' do.
i can't understand Why i'm Not happy. i didn't made any Big mistiges. i have a nice Family and i habe nice Friends. so Why am i unhappynand think of Fitting myself???

Why don't See that

i Love you!!!!
it's shit! i thik i'm in Love with my Best freiend and i really Gabe ihm Signals.
but a Fee Werks ago he Gold me that he's Totals in Love with another Girl and i just don't think that he Knies how i Fell about him.
i really don't Know what i can do.
my Life is shit!
wow that sucks!

happy New Year

happy New Year
well in Germany it's 19.05 so it isn't a New Year but in a Fee hours it will Be and i don't Know what Time it is in you Country so i just want to wish all of you a happy New Year Even it isnt One...........
anyway i Love all of you and Hope you Year will Be better than that i had.......

you are all absolutly wonderful and i'm happy to Know that i have weich a good Family like you!

Explosion Hydrogen

Even Ehen it's the end of the World

a vew days ago i posted a Blog about what happend this Year and it wasn't anything good!!!!!
i just Hope the Next Year will Be netter and i Know it can't Be worse cause Even it's the worlds' end (and i don't belobe in that) it would Be bettet than this Year!
i wish i could forget what happend and Life my live again in an other Way. i Know i wasn't able to help it but it was shit and i Hope Next Year will Be better.
dear god,
if you really Love all of is Why did you do that????
please don't take all of my freiend Away from me!