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so my brother woke's 15:41!

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destroied my ipod

so i destroied my ipod. i have noi idea how but there's a black hole in my display. not that i can't listen to music anymore or's just that i can't see which song i'm listening to most of my songs i know by name but there are a few and now i can't see the title.....maybe i will buy a new one when i have enough money but you can't buy an ipod nano anymore. just those with touch and i hate touch!'m sure amazon still sells some!
if somebody will ask wha i did i can say it's modern art.....

mothera and misfits

so i think i wanted a misfits shirt since a mother always told me i'm not allowed to buy one because she dislike the whole skeleton stuff even she thinks their music is good. she told me if i go to shurch with it they will stare at me and think i belive in satan and i will scare my over 90 year old i really look like i would wear it to go to church or my grandma???
i have a brain even sometimes it seems like it doesn't work right!

so my sister noticed i was a bit angry with my mother and she understood me and always said it's cool and absolutly ok to wear a misfits

Mychem videos

i'm a bit, sad is the wrong word.
you know, there have been so many post about this nanana stuff on the 26. I wanted to jpin it and watch the video the whole day but i'm not able to because the fucking GEMA doesn't give the rights or whatever, so you're not able to watch it in germany and i think it's kind of a shame you're not able to watch it. the only offical mychem on their channel i can watch is the kids from yesterday and that's not even one of the 'real' videos. I'm a bit pissed but i can't change it...


hi everyone
i hope all of you had a great christmas....or will have....for all of those who celebrated last night like me: hope you had a great day with your family, friends and....well....a great day?!

and for those of us who celebrate christmas today: i hope everyone will have a wonderful day with your family. i hope you will laugh alot and can forget all this shit happens in you life or whatever....


frank should have gone to prison becauso of leathermouth????

well, i googled because i was bored and...yeah whatever....
i found an article where frank told about a visit from the government because of 'i am going to kill the president of the united states of america'
i didn't know about that! i mean...ok i wsn't in the whole mychem stuff that time...i ean, i was 10 or 11...i began liking them with 13 but i didn't know they wanted him to go to jail!
i mean....why can't you say your opinion or what others think without being arrested?
i think it's a shame.
i'm not an american so maybe i think about it in a different but i think the world is better with

at the moment i just hate myself.
i don't have friends
i don't have a ucking life
and i don't have the fucking guts to talk to anyone of those people around me!

my best friend showed me how much i mean to her, my other friends, don't noice how i feel and i really don't know why i feel that fucking way!!
i'm a nobody

what happend in my fucking life....

so in the last times many things happend

1. i told one of my friends i don't wanna have any kind of relationship with her. next year i'm going to go to the us for a yer. she told me when i return to germany i won't have friends anymore. so told her if she don't want to be mine anymore it's ok...she was a bit pissed...crazy thing about it? we're more friendly to each other than before...maybe we just needed a break

2. she was right. i won't have friends anymore. not becaause they won't see me for a year. it's because i don't have friends a the moment!
i mean...since a year i'm always sad,

fuck technik

i just wanted to put my new papa roach cd o my ipod and now i lost about 1000 songs....
can i kill my laptop?
or my ipos?
or maybe me???