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No exchange year for anne

Dear whoever you are,
I know i haven't post anything for a while but since i deleted my tumblr i feel like i have to post something on here.
I'm a bit hopeless at the moment. I want to make an exchange year. My flight should have been on 22.09. it didn't work because i still don't have a hostfamily in the us. So the next date for my flight will be next friday, 06.09. i don't think it will work. I mean i was waiting for a hostfamily since march, i don't think anyone would want to host me for 10 month. I didn't thought i would have to go to school in germany because i was sure to be in the us.

Stay beautiful

so even they broke up you should think happy thoughts.
I miss them.
I miss them with every part of my body, with every breath and in every moment but that won't bring them back.
we should see the things they brought us, not what they took.
I am proud, I was and AM a part f them.
I'm a part of the MCRmy, so you are and will be.
they didn't die, they just decidet to not make music together. that's ok because they gave us so much more than music. they made us better persons. they made us proud of who we are. they made us become who we are now.

I am proud to be a part of the MCRmy and I always


If it's sure they broke up...and I'm not really because MCR was always this big amazing thing, than it's the sadest day ever.
I was looking for anything that seems like they are still a band but I can't find anything.
I don't know what happens to the army but I think even they broke up we will be there for each other. We are kind of a family. Without you guys I wouldn't be here anymore and wouldn't have met so many amazing people.
Maybe they aren't a band anymore, we are still a family.
You guys remember how proud we were to say that being a MCR fan doesn't mean just to like their music and

Rammstein- Interpretion

In German we're making a few interprations of poems. We decided every poem in our German book isn't that great so our teacher told us we should look after poems we want to write an interpretion about. One of my mates took "Haifisch" from Rammstein.
We listened to it today. Even I don't like them that much I think it's the coolest thing I've ever made in school!!!!

stupid talks with my parents

so we had lunch and we talked for a while and i really don't know how we got to that theme but i think it's not that important...
my mother always says if i'll have a boyfriend she would kill me if he's black. she's not a rasist, she just wants to get me angry. please don't think me or my family are against blacks. that's bullshit!
she just wants to argue a bit and i'm sure everyone knows these situations. i'm not that good in fighting back but i tryed and so i said one day i'll shock them and have a girlfriend. my father was like "you can do everything but not be a fucking lesbian!"

italian metal lovesong

hey dutes
i'm writing a fanfiction. it's my final cheapter and i want them to sing an italian lovesong (wow that sounds shity but i'm sure it'll gett really cute!!)
the only problem is that i can't find one which isn't kitshy and i don't have to puke from.
does anyone of you guys with a great taste of music know an italian lovesong? i'm looking for some metal/alternative/punk stuff.

please i need help!

nothing to do so i stole it xD

A: Age: got 15 a week ago
B: Where I'm from: Germany
C: Where I would like to live: England, USA but in fact I think Germany is a good country to live in
D: Favourite food: Traditional Swabian "Spätzle" noddles with fried onions and grated cheese
E: Religion: evangelic but I think I mixed it with others too
F: Sexual orientation: bi (??)
G: Single/taken: single
H: Favourite book: the knife that killed me, Harry Potter
I: Eye colour: blue,grey,green
J: Favourite movie: Forest Gump, Billy Eliot
K: Favourite TV show: I don't watch that often...sry
L: Favourite band/singer: My Chem!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

so today's my birthday. i'm 15 now......i don't really feel different than those 17 hours ago but who cares....
a friend of mine made a cake for me.....i think it's the coolest shit ever!
we went to my grandma for eating cakes, celebrating a bit.....
yeah.....i think that's all
i have a wonderful day, hope yours great too!

xo anne

letters to the usa

so my english teacher told us to write a letter to someone in the usa. i wasn't at school that day so i missed the deadline. today they got their answears and it was great fun!
i think it's a bit poor just one wrote back in german because everyone wrote them in english and....i think some of them aren't that great but the american students all wrote back in english even they are able to speak german....
just meggie ( i think that was her name) wrote in german. she's the one my friend sended her letter to. i think she should get extra points!!!!!!!!! xD
whatever....i think the best thing about

school started

so school started on monday. i think it's kind of weird. before holiday i was like: i will never ever go back. fuck this shit. fuck this people and fuck this fuckinng school!
and now it's like....maybe it wasn't that bad....
i don't understand me...i mean i think this about school! what happend to me????