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To anyone keeping up with my previous post about nerves, thankyou for the advice!
It went really well and I actually enjoyed it after a while- the experience was amazing and I think my confidence will grow from knowing I can actually play pretty well.
Thankyou all- the MCR community is amazing.


I'm going to a recording studio today, just to muck around on my guitar. But I am so, so, so nervous. I have the worst case of stage fright in anything that involves myself and an audience. Has anyone got any tips for fighting back nerves?


As a fellow guitarist and bassist in the MCRmy, I do keep alot of equiptment lying around the house. But there is one thing that I see everywhere: Picks. Picks, absolutely everywhere.
Now, I have hundreds of them, and I always seem to lose them somehow, whether they are in a bag or case or holder, you can count on me to lose them.
But then I thought of something.
Think about how many picks I would lose if I had to tour like MCR.
I mean, you have to travel everywhere, and I lose them in just my house. There are so many settings you could lose them in.
Backstage. Even onstage. Tour bus. Cars.


Conventional Weapons was brilliant. I loved it to bits, I simply can't choose a favourite song, they are all perfect.
The Light Behind Your Eyes was just spectacular, and Boy Division and Burn Bright were amazing too.
I really really hope the Revenge era sneaks up somehow somewhere in the future, I would love for it to come back! However, CW was a masterpiece and Danger Days was brill. It's fresh, it's a comeback, it's a fantastic piece of work.
My Chemical Romance, you've done it again.
This band will always be at the top of my playlists, no matter what they do.
Keep Running,