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Im Love Their Fanfic!!

Read these stories they are rrrrreeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllyyyyyyyy good I promise!

(Just so you know these are their latest posts)




Yup thats it okay.....Bye! :)


Well After finally getting all caught up with Killjoy_Detonator & solariel_89 Fanfic which was pretty awesome! Ive decide to start my little story all over again. Because now that I think of it..Mine was pretty stupid..Oh well you learn from your mistakes & learn from others. Off to brain storm :)

(links to their blogs here with either you click on it or copy & paste )



(Check them out! They're Addicting stories!)

Things I want to do before I die.

What do you want to do before you die!

I Would love to hear your answers :)


Ghost of you B-side?
Is this for reals?
Or am I just getting my hopes up for nothing?
I hope Not.

Someone explain to me!


Im going to finish Pt 2 of my story! Well its already finished but its saved in my dads laptop & my little sister is using it :P oh well so it will probably be up tomorrow! Be sure to check out the 1st part!



I want to learn a song on guitar but I cant decide! Any ideas?


If I could direct a music video it would hands down be Planetary (Go!). Its so up beat & makes me wanna Dances! *dances*
Ah oh well


Why can't I just go to school with the MCR community! FML (as in F my life)

I am going to ask my sister to..

Draw a MouseKat on my wall!

*sigh*...Lets chat!