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The Gang is Done Finished Drawing everyone! Going to upload them now :DD


Going to finish drawing The Killjoys

P.s I think I found a name for my story!
The True Tales Of The Infamous Killjoys...

let me know Snazzy or not! Gimme Your suggestions!



I want to go to the MCR show in Hollywood Not even far.
But my dad wont let me go to a concert
Says its too dangerous because theres a bunch of weirdos
Im a werido doesnt that cancel out?. FML

Are any of you guys going to the Hollywood show 5-27-11?

Let me see...

SouthEastHighSchool....Ring a bell?

Heck Yea!

Finished drawing..

Need to Finish Drawing:

Probably be up by tonight until then Good day to you all!


I feel like...

Drawing my story in a comic. I think I will.
Even though I can't draw but, who cares!
because We're all friends here.........Right?


______________________-pt 6

again not much but enjoy anyway!

I slammed the radio on the table & walked away. I can hear the whispers of the gang talking amongst themselves. Just then radio walked up to me.

“I just wanted to say thanks for at least holding me hear for as long as you could & since your going to give me to Korse I-“

I cut her off “Who said we’re giving you up?”

Radio grew a smile on her face while electric listened in on our converstation.

“Wait” He said “So were not giving her to bli?”

“O-right you guys gather round” Yelled to the hideout

I walked over to the table & rolled out the map.

“Okay here’s

__________________pt 5 (still no title)

(Its kinda short...Dont judge me! :DD)

Radio & I walked back to the hideout no words were said to each other.

“Yo were back” I yelled as I opened the door

Golden had a look in her eye & walked over to Radio.

“Why did you run?” Golden said to Radio. Golden obviously scared radio a little bit.

Radio stuttered “I umm. I… I……Uh

I stepped in “Golden leave her alone. C’mon she cool”

Golden walked away from Radio. Radio looked confused. I apologized on Golden’s behalf to radio. I walked over to the table & saw a map. Electric Thrust & Flo were staring at the map confused & in disbelief.



Im to shy to talk to him
Hes to shy to talk to me