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I have discovered skype & realized how cool it is :DDD


Just Imagine if you were in a band? I wish imagination was reality.
RAD! (Radical)

P.S My school is having this thing thats supposed to be like american Idol at my school but its called SouthEast Idol (sighs disappointingly) anyway I kinda wanted to do it but its a poularity contest anyway...But eh I want to prove a point that even though your shy or weird or whatever your just as good as anybody else out there. OH well I'll have a little debate with myself :)

Crash & Burn


Look. Bully's. I'm pretty sure everyone has had one before. & if you have one now it sucks right? But you cant let them control you. If they push you down you get right back up & walk away. & If they try to kick you will your down...Break their leg. and for some unknown reason the kids who are picked on are always the shy kids. The akward kids. The ones who listen to REAL music. The ones who can talk about comics & superheros all day. The ones who like to draw. The ones who like to be by them self. The socially awkward ones. The weirdos.

Franks Iero's name spelled wrong?

So huh...was this done purposely or totally accidental?
Oh this was at the end of I'm not okay (i promise)
I believe we have a mystery!

The True Tales Of The Infamous Killjoys Pt9

We sat on the hood of the car until the sun went down with out a word said between each other.

"Welp" Andy said as he pushed his hair back

"Why dont we star over again" He asked

"Hi." I said with a smile. "Im AmmoKat or Ammo"

"Im Adrenaline killer or Andy" He smiled & shook my hand.

He jumped off the car a began to walk towards the diner. "You commi'n?" He asked

"Um. I think ill sit right here for a little while"

He opened the door to the diner & walked inside. I looked up at the sky. "Thats where the stars should have been." I thought to myself but as usual Bl/ind ruins everything.

The True Tales Of The Fabulous Killjoys pt8

“Sssshhhh do you want to be ghosted?!” He Whispered

I tried to wipe the dust out of my eyes as he held his hand over my mouth. I heard footsteps walk past the car & dracs whispering. I thought to myself “Damn caught by dracs. Great.” After I finally got the dust out of my eyes I looked up to see who was I going against. To my surprise it was a boy. He was about the same age as me. Dirty blonde hair with big brown eyes & skin pale for a boy who lived in the desert. I didn’t know how to react.

“Can you keep quiet now?” He said to me

I stared at him with piercing eyes wondering what the

The True Tales Of The Infamous Killjoys PT7

The drive was quiet. Nothing was said between Gold, Radio & I. As I was driving I swear I heard something drive by. Like a motorcycle or something. I guess I looked confused because Gold put her hand on my shoulder.

“You okay?” She said as she looked at me with concern

“Yea but did you-“ I was cut off

“Guys. The diner.”

Radio said as she pointed into the distance. She looked heartbreaking. Something about dinners bothered her. I didn’t want to bother her with questions. I sped up to avoid the odd silence & pulled up to the side of the diner.

The True Tales Of The Infamous Killjoys
The True Tales of The Infamous Killjoys

Im not sure If you can see them! But If you can tell me what you think!
Special Thanks to:
Electric Thrust
Florescent Parader
Serene Maddness
Life Bane
Golden Destroyer
Danger Heart
Radio Destroya

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