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9/29 HCT fell in love with a band at a rock show

YES THERE WAS A CONCERT. (That is the first video in the playlist I made for all the videos I could find from the show, so clicky.) I made the wise and wonderful decision of going despite having a cold. The weather was absurdly windy and rainy; the venue was outdoors. It was so worth it.

First - well, first I got to the venue, waited outside for hours, got inside, managed to get my seat ticket D: upgraded to a pit ticket :D in time to get barrier \o/ It's a win-win situation, really, because I am such a tiny person and this way everyone can see.

Then Matt & Kim came on.


I went on Wednesday for the first time ever \o/ and this is my weirdly detailed overview. I didn't take a camera, so I will add pictures and videos once other people upload them.

So first of all, the high temperature in Las Cruces yesterday was apparently 104.4. Combine that with the crowds characteristic of Warped - I think the attendance was at least 9000 - and, well. I suppose wanting to throw water on yourself constantly is part of the experience.

And now for the exciting part!

Today I woke up from a dream about MCR.

That's fucking crazy. I never thought that would happen. I dreamt about MCR playing a show with maybe thirty people (including a few of my high school friends) all crowded up at the front of a darkened venue, and they played like eight songs, and most of them (especially at the beginning) were lesser-known songs like Kill All Your Friends and Bury Me in Black and stuff from the attic demos, and most of the people in the crowd weren't even going crazy. Like if you sang along you would drown out the band, and you can't do that.

If you're contemplating suicide, this is for you.

I just cried. This is the meaning of music, this is poetry, this is raw emotion and love and truth. She is what it means to be alive, and I love her for it.

If I kept everything I've ever said to people on the brink of suicide, I'd make something like this if I could. But she said what I meant and you can hear it in her voice. There is no one thing to say to someone who wants to kill themselves, because every single situation is different and every single person is just that important, but this is like all of them together: if you're contemplating suicide, this is for you.

More than a fandom

I’m actually posting this for the comment thread, so go to youtube. Everyone knows youtube comment threads are the place to go for hate and stupidity and pointless ad hominem arguments…except this is All Time Low’s song Therapy. This is more than a fandom, it’s a group of people who reach out to help strangers they’ve never met with an unconditional love I’ve never seen except among the MCRmy, so. I have good taste in bands. This is the kind of thing that saves people’s spirits, more than their lives. A salvation army, then.

Why I like Pretty. Odd.

I feel the need to write this post because A) I like talking about music, especially when the music speaks to me xD and B) because I've heard it said enough times that "Panic! was good, and then Ryan Ross threw them into some crazy retro 'artistic' phase." Now, I may offer a unique perspective as someone who listened to Pretty. Odd. first (long story) and thought, huh, I guess they're a modern band who plays, like, 70s throwback music, I don't know why they're so popular but it's cool!


I know, it’s almost 11 minutes, and I can’t think of what to say to make you watch it but it’s worth it. It’s AMAZING. It makes you want to get up on your feet and LIVE. It makes you feel real. Defy the love police. Hug a stranger. Sing out. Do something for love. Connect with the world. Don’t be scared to say what you mean in public. What meaning will you make for the end? Earth to the world.

This is not a finalized rant(tm), just a preliminary explosion. But WHAT THE HELL IS WITH CLOTHING AND PERPETUATING GENDER ROLES, SERIOUSLY. You walk in to the fucking kids section and you can tell the “girls” clothes from the “boys” clothes by the assault on your senses. The color shade shift from pink and pastel to darker, primary colors. The ruffles. There is not a single plain, solid color, non-“stylish cut” non-“flowery” section to be seen for girls.


I just updated my youtube, check it out! I sing songs and post them there sometimes. It's mostly MCR right now.

This Post Will Convert You Into a Justin Bieber Fan

Okay, I will confess that I chose that title to get your attention. But I’m serious.

I want to talk because this week I saw two things happen: SINGitforJapan and SINGitforSniper. And it made me think. First of all, it made me cry, because Gerard singing in the video, and the MCRmy coming together because we care, and then I also saw MCRmy Perú’s The Kids From Yesterday video and it was incredible. Then I found out about System_Sniper being cyberbullied by a Justin Bieber fan and recovering in the hospital from a suicide attempt, and I saw the MCRmy rise up and protect its own.

And it was