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Back from school :)

So I got home from school and found my Kerrang! Magazine waiting at the doorstep, who else has stuck the MCR poster on their door before even reading the magazine? Ooh, Amber likey ^-^

Blogging at school :D

So here I am , surrounded by my friends typing a little blog for MCR :)
I can't add photos because the computer doesn't have over 5000 pictures of MCR unlike my laptop :3
How many pictures of MCR/the members do you have? :D
xoAmber- Keep it ugly ;)

Hair? :3

Which one of Gerard's hair is your favorite? I liked it when he had short red hair, and blonde hair :D All short hairstyles are my favorite I thinks :3
What do you think though?


Do you think that Mikey is actually a unicorn lover or not? I am on the 'not' side because there is a video on YouTube of Gerard and the rest of the gang confirming that it is actually a myth.
But what do you think?

Killjoy or MCRmy soldier?

Which do you prefer to be called?
So what is it, Killjoy or MCRmy Soldier?
Answer in comments!!

All I Want For Christmas is You!!!

Okay so I know I usually only do one blog a day but I just heard this again and I felt as if I should blog about it, including another question (as always!) The video you see above is 'All I Want For Christmas Is You - My Chemical Romance' and I am absolutely in love with this at the moment...
But what do you think Killjoys?


Out of all the songs on the album 'The Black Parade' which is your favorite? Mine is The End, I love it so much :D
So, what is your favorite?


So I was just trying to work out which album is my favorite...
I think I choose The Black Parade, it is a pretty hard decision between TBP & Three Cheers!
What do you think??

Kerrang! Pandora :)

Have you seen the Pandora comic strip with Gerard in it? I love Pandora + Gerard so it is like a dream come true for me!
But what do you guys think?

About me :)

I got bored so I decided I would do this too :D
001. Real Name → Amber
002. Nickname[s]→ Ambie, Ambie Rossy Torpy.
003. Male Or Female → Female
004. Primary → Done
005. Secondary school → Year.8
006. College/University → Not yet
007. Hair Color → Dirty Blonde/Light Brown
008. Long Or Short → Long
009. Loud Or Quiet → Loud
010. Sweats Or Jeans → Jeans
011. Phone Or Camera → Phone
012. Health Freak → Nope
013. Drink Or Smoke? → Nope
014. Do You Have A Crush On Someone? → Sort of :3
015. Eat Or Drink? → Eat
016. Piercings? → None
017. Tattoos? → None

018. An Airplane →