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I'm back bitches!

Hola, I have arose from the deadly sun of Tenerife, OK so maybe I enjoyed it...a little bit. Just a tincy tiny bit? Oh who am I kidding, I LOVED IT! Coming back to the UK just makes my heart break, I went from 27degrees to 10 freaking British weather degrees, my tan -if you can call it that, with my Mum and Dad I just burn like a..whatever burns a lot- looks out of place here, and I have my hotels random songs stuck in my head. Damn it. I added some pictures of my hotel, Bahia Principe in Costa Adeje.

Never Tear Us Apart

Paloma Faith's version of the INXS song Never Tear Us Apart, used for the John Lewis advertisement. I am addicted, seriously, they can't tear me apart from this song ;)
xoAmberPanda xD (the new embarrassing nickname!)

Kerrang poster?

I don't know what it is about the poster that was in Kerrang! Magazine this week but I fell in love with it, *SPOILER ALERT* For people that don't wanna know about the poster, stop reading now!! I love the way that I saw Gerard and was like 'Aww, that is cute, there is like two of him!' but like 3 seconds after I saw an arm over to the left and started wondering whether it was Ray's...if anyone else got the poster but thinks it isn't Ray please tell me who you think it belongs to??

What to wear?

Hey guys, my friend Ella is having a party/dance/disco thing for her birthday and I have 3 different outfits, but the dress code is 'glamor' (Ella being Ella and doing anything to get her ass in a big sparkly dress) so which one of these would be the best to wear...
Outfit Number Uno! - This black t-shirt has a see through back and I would wear some black leggings & high heels that have golden studs on them :)
Outfit Number Dos! - The blue dress isn't exactly the same as the one I have but it is pretty similar, I have some blue strappy heels that would suit it :D
Outfit Number Tres!

Obsessed with the questions :3

1) Height?
Idk, smaller than Frankie :)

2) Virgin?

3) Shoe size?

4) Sexual orientation?
5) Do you smoke?

6) Do you drink?

7) Do you take drugs?

8) Age you get mistaken for?
Like 10 :l

9) Have tattoos?

10) Want tattoos?
1 or 2 :)

11) Have piercings?

12) Want piercings?

13) Best friend?
Georgia :)

14) Relationship status?
Taken bacon ;D <3

15) Biggest turn ons?

16) Biggest turn offs?
Buck teeth & gaps :S

17) Favorite movie?

18) I will love you if...
You aren't afraid to be yourself around me

19) Someone you miss?
No one :S

20) Most traumatic


1) Age you get mistaken for?
People think I am like 9-10 (which is younger than I am not older :P)

2) Have tattoos?
Nope, sort of want one though :D

3) Have piercings?
No, my ears have problems xD

4) Best friend?
Georgia, she is just...yeah, one of those best friends :)

5) Relationship status? Married, Separated, engaged?
Taken, to the greatest, most gorgeous, amazing guy ever :) <3

6) Biggest turn ons?
Uh, cute jumpers, yeah sounds weird but...I love them :)

7) Biggest turn offs?
Gappy teeth :S (no offense to y'all)

8) Favorite movie?
Life on the murder scene - mcr ;)

The Helium Prank Calls...

Hey Killjoys,
here is my YouTube video 'The Helium Prank Calls' I am the random chick on the left :D It is just a random video, hope you enjoy :)

Quote #1

"Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye."
-H. Jackson Brown Jr.

Quiz: Who do you love? :)

This is just a little quiz on YouTube, here are my answers;
1: 4 people to tell
2: 7 days to tell them
3:Danny is the person I love :)
4: Alex is the person I care about the most xD
5: Georgia is the person that knows me very well
6: Joanne (Mum) is my lucky star :P
7 : Gerard is the person I like but it can’t work out? :S
8: Famous Last Words is the song that matches with the one I love
9: Helena is for the one I like but it can’t work out
10: Welcome to the black parade is the song that tells most about my mind
11: Na Na Na expresses the way I feel about life :D
What did you get?

Should I do a YouTube video of...

Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge & The Black Parade full albums together in 1 video? Please comment and tell me?