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Evening Blog #1

Hey Killjoys, I decided to start doing a little thing in the evening called 'Evening Blog' if anyone has got a better idea for the name, it would be really quite helpful! It will be about absolutely anything, and I cannot wait to start writing more, as you can see, the first one is just an introduction so it isn't really exciting but I will try my best to make them more interesting for you! Some people like the way I blog, so I will keep blogging like I do, long with a bunch of details.
So, how about those ideas for the name?
xoAmber - Short and Sour.

"Kiss me."

How to tell my boyfriend I wanna kiss him without sounding like a complete freak? "Heyy, baby, gimme some sugar!" No. "Hey Danny. Kiss." No. "Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but my name is Amber, so kiss me baby?" No, no, no. Killjoys, this is where you come in and go "Amber, this is simple, just....." so, what are you waiting for? Get your comment on Black Paraders, MCRmy Soldiers, Weapons or just plain humans! For the good of a fellow Killjoy!
xoAmber - Dream on, it is the only way to stay awake.

My Favourite Feeling

Is that warm fuzzy feeling, when I hug my boyfriend, I get a heart warming comment on a blog or when I make someone laugh/smile. It is like a mix of butterflies and adrenaline, and it makes my day, like I am suddenly lifted from everything bad. Lately I feel like I am living my own fairytale, and that makes me damn happy. Maybe it's my boyfriend, maybe it's the comments from my Killjoys, maybe it is the smiles or the laughs. One thing I do know is that I don't want it to change.
xoAmber - Keep dreaming, it's the only thing that'll keep you awake.

Dear Agony Aunts

I actually need help with relationship shit. I am usually, an average girlfriend, easy to be around and not clingy, but my boyfriend is 'the one' and I really want to spend more time with him at school. Unfortunately he has found a game called 4-square and plays it before school, at break and lunch. I hate 4-square, so going to play with him is a big no no. And Killjoys, do not worry, I shall write a proper blog, this is just a big need at the moment!!
xoAmber - Your mentalist, at heart and soul.

My Mental Disorder

The only person that knows about this is my boyfriend, he knows not to talk about it, not to tell anyone or mention anything to do with it. But I trust you. It is called Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) and it means that I cannot look in the mirror without feeling physically sick, which means I cannot do normal things such as going to the hairdressers, for I have to look in a mirror whilst they cut. I can't do my hair or put makeup on very easily. I have mastered the art of putting on mascara without looking myself in the eye, doing it quickly and not focusing on myself.

You scare me.

Yep, you guys scare me. Not in a "OMG, EMO MCR LOVING FREAKS!" way. When I write a blog, it takes me about 30 minutes just to decide what to write about let alone what to write, because I want to please you and let you read something interesting, new and fresh. And I like hearing your comments. I envy the people that have loads of stuff to say everyday with interesting lives and cute pictures of them and their boyfriend/girlfriend. I just can't seem to do that, and I desperately want to be one of those people. So I'm sorry Killjoys, but I will keep trying.
xoAmber - Keep the faith, keep

When your moments from death...

...things seem a little weird. I know it is a cliche but I saw my life flash before my eyes, how small and crappy I am, but how big and important I had always thought I was. I suppose your saying "How the hell is she writing this, if she is dead?" the answer is, I didn't die, hoorah, but I was seconds away from the end of my pitiful life. In the form of getting hit by a speeding truck. But of this, I am glad, as I am now as they say 'a new person' because when you think your gonna get smushed by a huge truck, you view life in a new perspective. Ah, it is pretty darn eye opening.

Kill all your friends...

or maybe my sister, have I ever known such an annoying 4 year old? Dear god, I have just been forced to play 'dress up Harry Styles' for half an hour until she wants to dress flipping Niall Horan or whatever he is called. Right now as I am typing, the little bugger is messing with my hair and trying to break off the lid of the laptop. As she picks up a large blow up hammer, I start to lose hope.
xoAmber - Keep running from toddlers Killjoys.

Erm..excuse me?

So I have a friend, his name is Will, he is white blond and just a tad crazy. He says things that he doesn't mean, like "I want to kiss you" & "You're fat, but I love it" and sometimes I really am not sure if he means it or not. Like today he comes up close to me and goes "I have dreams of kissing you, every night" which was just plain awkward. But what really annoys me, is when he goes to my boyfriend and says "I kissed Amber (me) on the cheek, I love her." But it does make me all soppy when my boyfriend replies "I don't blame ya'"
Eh, weird bright blond kids confuse me.
xoAmber - Keep

That feeling you get...

when you find that Kerrang has a big poster of MCR inside. Just me that checks the cover to see what posters there is, then if there is My Chem I go searching until I find it and rip it out with glee? Got the big one today and it hangs happily on the front of my bedroom door.
Word of the day ~ Glee
xoAmber - Keep running Killjoys