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Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge - THE PLAY! (How we're getting along #2)

So here is the list of people, and what they are doing -by the way, when it says Unknown it means that they have offered to help but we don't know what their doing yet.) :
TIGERBEAM (Scriptwriter/Dancer)
INOYU49 (Unknown)
CINNAMON39815 (Artist)
SEKA00 (Scriptwriter)
ERICAMO (Scriptwriter)
REVENGE ANGEL (Music Arrangement)
so as you can see, we need more cast, and if you are in the unknown list, you have a message from me :) If your on

Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge - THE PLAY! (How we're getting along)

Guys. I love you, so much. I was expecting about 5 people to reply to my blog about setting this play up, I got 12 comments and 2 messages. That may seem a small amount of people to you, reader, but to me, that is eye wateringly happy! So I'm thinking, if I get more people, this is going to happen. Maybe, it might not, but I am no pessimist my friends, optimistic through and through!

Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge - THE PLAY!

I have one dream and one dream only, and that is to make Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge into a play. Wouldn't it just be amazing? So I was thinking, I cannot make this thing on my own, I cannot get the idiotic One Directioners in my class to help me either. So I thought "where can I find a bunch of people, that have the patience, skill and creativity to turn this CD into a play production?" My thoughts lead me to you guys. If you want to help me, just comment or message me. Please, this can be awesome with the help of the MCRmy!

Helena game
Playing the MCR killjoys game (see my last blog) made me search for some other fantabulous my chem based games, and trust me, what I found wasn't disappointing. I found this Helena video based game, though the graphics look like something that was created before I was born...It has a good idea and kinda keeps you wanting to play, overall a 7/10. You guys should have a go!

Ever played the MCR game?

Killjoys, if you have not played this, you have got to take this link and play the damn game. I have just got past the Mikey level, proud much? Oh hell yes. Even though it is in German (big bummer..) just get on google translate, that'll sort it out!
Google Translate:

PSY? Bitch please, I created Gangnam Style when I was 5.

'Nuff said.

Ever played Scribblenauts?

Ever since I saw Pewdiepie play this game, I have been playing it, mostly because I wanted to see if I could ride a huge Nyan Cat like he did, but also because it looked pretty fucking epic. I advice you to play it, because I'm going to make a mother fucking blog about how I am getting on every day.
xoAmber - Keeep dancing!

Why can't I?

Why can't I be as good as anyone else at something? There is not one thing I am good at, I can't even hug well, and that is just sad.


Anyone good at stem & leaf diagrams, pie charts and/or scatter graphs? 12 year old in need of Mathematical assistance!
xoAmber - Short & Sour

My Mental Disorder - More information

Body Dysmorphic Disorder, is my problem. As some of you might know, BDD is a mental disorder which makes the person unhealthily interested in self appearance. My version of BDD is where I cannot look in a mirror without feeling physically sick, in a way it makes me stronger but it mostly makes life a bloody pain in the arse! Lots of people have BDD without even realizing, or not wanting to tell the doctor about it.

Some people think that BDD is brought on by bad parenting, trust me, it is not. I have two amazing parents, they love very muchly! My BDD was apparently triggered by bullying.