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This morning

This morning I woke up, like any normal day, and I am greatful for that. My Dad, god bless the man. See's the news before me and leaves his phones by my bed on BBC news. Yes, I cried, and I cannot get over the fact that they have left us with no explination or anything, just a thankful message. I haven't spoken to anyone today, words just wont come out, I dont know what to even say.

But all I want to say to my fellow Killjoys, Weapons, MCRmy or Black Paraders, I love you all. And you will always be a part of me, so will Gerard, Mikey, Frank and Ray.

Though they try, they'll never break me.

Vlog 6 - HAUL!
Hey, I'm back!

Hey, I'm back, with a new ugly puggy pic xoAmber

Vlog 5


Vlog 4

Guys, what should I do in my next Vlog??

MY VIDEO!! PLEASE WATCH!! Make a 12 yr old happy today? :D

Please watch mah friends!

Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge - THE PLAY! (How we're getting along #4)

Finding location for people all around America is hard. Especially when your British. Right now, the best place I could find that people are close enough to is Denver. Here is how long it takes for each part:
California - 17hrs
Texas - 11hrs
Kentucky - 17hrs
North Carolina - 1 day
Nebraska - 4hrs
Michigan - 18hrs
As you can see, most of them are above 10 hours journey time, which doesn't sound fun, if there is any Americans that know somewhere that is closer for everyone. I really don't want to make everyone travel for nearly a day (or even a whole day!!)

Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge - THE PLAY! (How we're getting along #3)

We have all the people that are helping appointed to their position now, though we still need loads more helpers and definitely more actors/actresses. Please could all the 'helpers' write in the comments where they are currently living (not your address, just like America, New Jersey or something like that!) because I need to choose a location for rehearsals and all that jazz, please comment though, don't send me a message. Just because I am lazy and reading through comments is easier than a flock of different messages!