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cool video

was it just me or did the mcr backround just change for like a second..ha idkk well now that iv begun a blog..its kinda funny to just write
about that..hmm lets see well its fucking snowing out like crazzy, im stuck isolating in the cr again i live in cr caue a deppression social axsiety and shit..but i can say im gettin better at talking to pll i gues idk..:/ well i dont kno wtf to write about, so by for now
no inspiration todayy..: [ well thts all nice and negtive ghaaaaaa.....poop:p

hey check out my gerard art, from a long tme ago

I Won't Grow Up!

this is completly awsome..

fucking miserable...

im fucking crying my eyes out, i dont know what to say im in love with this guy, iv lived in a group home for 8 months and when i met him we went out for 4 months, and then he broke up wih me, i still see him everyday cause he lives in the group home,and it hurts to just be friends, but the other day we where very close and i had an amazng day with him, but tonight i find out he has a gf, and its so painfull cause i still love hurts so much , i feel so fuckng so fucked up like i love him...:[ i care about him im not like other girls..pretty outgoing fucking glamorous god

the crow
i love this movie! watched this movie on scifi yesterday and my friend eric showed me it a couple days ago, and its got to be one of the most beutifull gothic poetic love stories ever, auuuu i fucking love it next to the labyrinth witch is also my alltime favorite movie, i think the crow is pretty frigin awsome i mean come on guys that come back from the dead for there gfs
aliens creep the fuck out of me, im so scared of ufos crop circles and anything to do with aliens..but strangly in the same way its addicting and interesting and its like i cant keep away from wantng to kno bits and pieces, so i go on youtube and look up videos, and read stories..idkno why im so into the unknown, i also upses over ghoast and after life, but aliens just auu..creeeps me out bt in the same way so courious(sry my spellng sux) about that kinda stuff..and i cant help but think and think and fucking think at just freaks me out and i have scene a ufo and ever sence its been
jusT want to say hi:]
im knda shy just like to say my chemical romance is a fucking incredibile band, i have loved them sence i was 13yrs old and i cant fucking wait for ur guys new music!! i love each nd every single one of guys