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i think i can do this shit

i realy think ican..and maybe i will..and maybe it just may be magical and worth it..hmmm wheres my head..this could be where i belong..realy realy belive im messed up but i can do it..and i think ican sucseed with the right stuff that iv always had..hmmmmm..thinking thinking stop fucking thinking..but hmm just maybee hee he hee..:p

i thought this was funny

so i was sent home with a home work asighnment from my daytreatment program write a play
and then perform it in front of evryone in the program,. and its sposed to be about having goodd coming skills and helping eachother out. but i started getting writers block and this is waht i wrote

(puppets in store)

waahhhhh! wahhhhh!!
puppet cries in front of audience

puppet a walks in
puppet A: Hey whats a matta with you?

puppet B:nothing just leave me alone!

puppet A: aww cheer up dude everything will be ok..

puppet B: sniffle..
no it wont everything sux!

puppet A: no its not come on tell me

blogging about life right now..

why do pll think bar fights are fun? iv never been in a bar fight but like im sitting out side my moms window and all you here is like....whooo!!!!..
whhaaaaaa!!!!...Beeer!!!..ahahahahaha...fuck you!!! fuck you!! thrue with this shit!!..rhaaaaaaaaaa!!!!...ill kill you!!..yeah come over here bitch!!..weeeeeeee i just hit your car!


just got into the smashing pumpkins, they realy have some beutifull music it gets addicting

idk im kinda having shitty day its like idk realy..i just got my meds changed and now im on brusebar that helps with axsiety, but im just getting like agrivated and anoyed with the side effecs caus i feel liek a fucking blank zombie iv had hard time coimunicating and talking with pll latly i have to think so much before i get anything out, it sux..i miss being a kid where i was so exsited..and wanted to learn and kno things..and make things..i was so fucking creative..and now i still have that but i need to unlock it some how..but for now i need to stick with fighting this

found all the eggs.:)

kinda hard here and there but awsome..:)

found gerards egg found gerards so far im keepin saerching for them..awsome



come on guys lets go vote for my chemical pretty sure have of you already did, but lets make sure they win post it on any blog sites webpages anyware pll can find it to click on
lets just win this thing!!! they are so much more muchierrr.:) than 30 seconds to mars
COME ON LETS GO VOTE <333333333333333333



i cant find my stupid food stamp heads all a in love with this guy!...i cant stop thinking about wanting to become a child again..ineed fooooddd...i feel lost...pissed..angry..mad happy...completly treatment<!...opening up to inspiration of my childhood memory..a little girls twisted mind..where did it go..need to create!..need to wright a play!!..need to get up of my stupid ass..need to babi..:[ back..:[..