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Merry Christmas<333

to my favorite band in whole world, i am so happy you guys are in my life<33..and i hope evryone is havign a great safe, and fun christmas<3333 love you all so much...<3333333
xoxoxox... : )


havnt been on here in very long time, im trying to figure out..if my chemical romance will be performing in December in New York, Rochester New York..i realy want to go so bad, i tired goign to darian lake and couldnt get tickits, ..and now this is right in my area, i hope it is true, if somone knows anything of this..please tell me that would be awsome..<33333
thank you


your turning me into a butterfly look at me fly..into the morning blue sky..with out any fear its so clear up here..wish it would stay oh how i try...hmm

my photo art

what do you think? this is my favorite song of the mcr albulm it meens alott to me
and im happy they made the song it is beutifull

oh oh oh ohmg omg omg

omg i jsut saw some youtube videos of gerard way pulling fans on stage to rock out on stage with mcr!..:) omg omg omg i hope that will be me one day and then my life will be complete ooommmgggggggg i can jsut imagine..that would be fucking awsome omg i hope soon iwill go to mcr concert again my last one was project rev with my mom in newyork state fair, my first mcr concert...i hope i will go to more that is insane and awsome..omg omg..omfg that gives me butterflies jsut to imagine that, first off i would go insane gerard handing em the microphone and i would lagh so much and screem

im kinda bored so im making mcr commics


i need a movie to watch

can someone tell me a good action vampire movie to watch other than underworld, or just a movie thats kick ass and has a lead girl as the charter, so i can feel liek im kicking plls ass.. that would be cool
to watch i am not in a great mood so deppressed about shit again

somthing i made


feeling like shit

i am not feeling good today, i am feeling liek i am not worth anything..i gues it is me that has to take the stand in evrythign i matter how simple it is..cause if i dont then im just gonna fuck things up
all i seem to talk about is my mentell ill ness who wants to here about that, i dotn know maybe i can help people if italk about it,..but i have social axsiety..fear..stupid fear, and it sux i can harldy walk side my door but i fuckign do it anyways..and push myself...auuuuuu
i hope i will find things i love to do, and not let this fear get in my way..:[ i used to love to perform on

i wrote this while i listened to the only hope for me is you

ill always stand my ground..till the walls come down..ill stand my ground..till my walls come crumbling and you see me smiling in my white gown..and im already been there..for all the world to see..but my hearts so hard to beet..i could change the world if i wanted too..but these walls have to come down..can you help blow them up? or bulldose thses fucking walls cause there anoying i cant even get to the top..cause ill fall back down..but ill be free jusut wait and see..and ill be standing in my white gown..:p