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thank you ill always have place in my heart

i realy dont know what to say.. i just woke up and im at my boyfriends.. and relized my favorite band just broke up.. i usualy keep things inside.. but i cryed for about half hour.. went outside smoked a cig with my boyfriend then came back in, i have loved my favorite band for long time.. theres so much my chemical romance created and i love them for creating magic that was amzing to listen too.. and feel, that just touched your heart on so many diffrent levels... but i gues.. things jsut happen in life.. for other people, so even if this does suck .. i will always remember this band.. and

life and love and battles

Before and After..


some pics i took during the fall<33

one more post then i think i might go to bed but im not sure

so i think it would be a cool idea like a amzing idea, if you guys did a music video with tim burton, and you guys where all vampires or zombies, like it would be awsome.. you guys comign out of cofins.. and mcr fans runnign around in a cemetary? it would be sweet i have alott of ideas..but i never know how to make my own videos..but it would be awsome :) if you guys where vampires in your next music video, but it should be like full of horror and blood, anyways i think it would be sweet :) please :) xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxo <3

actully, about the cemetary idea..somthing with

doopdie doo dee doo, <3 hello my love Mcr <3 :)

so for some weird reason im up..and i dont realy know why..but i have always been hooked on my favorite band mcr<3333, and recently found out all this new music coming out by them and i have to say i love you guys sooooo much, the new music is awsome.. but every now and then..for some reason even when im feeling like crap..this website feels like home to me..and i cant be free to exspress myself any way i want.. i feel peace..and dear god i jsut want to go to a mcr concert.. its been forever but im blessed that i have been to one..and was with my mom and it was fickign amzing..but now.. i

my chemical romance please read this

hey guysmy names amanda..i have been huge mcr fan sence i was 14..and have loved the band for so long.. i just recently found out in my home town there is a cmac place where bands can pperform, and it would be so amzingly awsome if you guys could come here ...

tonight pat benatar and journy are playing.. there but i was like wow..i wish my chemical romance could come would be super i thought if you guys could look up this place and maybe come perform here ?.. when you go touring<33333333 plaease i

wanted to share lmao

hahaha which way do i go, which way? is that arrow? what is that thing.. thats a sighn right, whats a sighn? i forgot what a sighn is!? am i in a car? what am i driving? where was i going? o shit im fucked im fucked. hahaha


how do bring your self up when you feel at the lowest point, feeling afraid iof everything, everyone..and dont feel like you belong, cause evryone else thinks they are cooler than you, how can u live when you are stuck in a curse, and everyone else takes advantage of your energy? i gues i just have to keep goign and find a way
: p

want to get this tatoo so bad

i want to get this tatoo so bad, this is my favorite song from danger days<33333


aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... so anoyed with life right now.. god damitmotherfuckerpissshitfuck........ so i come here to exspress my self yes