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MCR <3

I'm not one to blog. But because of the recent happenings, I feel like it's a good way to start. I just want to say that I was introduced to My Chemical Romance in 6th grade. And they have been my favorite band ever since. And growing up, I noticed that a lot of people come to this band in times of need, when they have a bad day, or a happy day. I definitely did. No, I take that back, I still do. Im a sophomore, but until this point I've been very shy and I conclude that this band has helped.. Everything you write, isn't something you wouldn't hear on the radio, because it's way better than that. To people unaware of you talents see this as scary, or angry (my family sure does) but songs like " I Don't Love You" or even "Famous Last Words" is inspiration to me. When I heard "Sing" on the radio for the first time, I was at a gas station, I was so happy, and when I listened to the words, I felt like that song gave me confidence to stand up for myself. And I'm sure it helped others too.