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The very idea scares that crap out of me. i know i have no choice in the matter, i will die someday and i know have to accept it , but it really scares me, not knowing exactly what happens when you die. ugh i hate when i think about it so i just am scared.

facebook dissing on mcr :(

okay there is this asshole named conor hall on facebook dissing mcr real bad. he's going on to mcr's facebook page and leaving really messed up comments. everyone who has a facebook go on and please yell at this jerk. i already did.

no title

so i am writing to write and that's all. I am starting to get ready for Christmas already, shopping and stuff. Also waiting for the January issue of Alternative Press Magazine, which has mcr on the cover to come out ! and that's about it.


Why does life suck so bad sometimes ? Why do the people you love turn out to be the people who hurt you the most ? Nothing makes sense right now. I am just going to go listen to some music and try to find something worth living for. well that's all.

cell phone #

I guess i'm gonna put my cell phone # on here, i guess i could have put it with one of my previous blogs titled "need a new friend asap", but here it is anyway: 570-335-8346.

need a new friend asap

seriously i need a new friend who loves mcr as much as i do, and likes to text like alot and is willing to be there for me when i need of them. i am losing touch with old friends and i am seriously bored out of my mind, if anyone is interested please message me on here so we can exhcange cell #'s . yeah i kno this blog makes me sound slightly pathetic and desperate, but whatever. besides all this i got to see new moon today and it was amazing.

not a thing is going on

So i'm writing on here out of boredom, and just need something to do to pass some time . I can't wait till tomorrow when i get to go see the the twilight saga:new moon, it's gonna be awesome. okay i have nothing else to say guess i came on here for nothing.---- GW <3 4life !!

I will simply forget his name, forget his face, forget the way he smiles, it's been awhile. I'm giving up on him, he's with her, not me. admiring from very a far, I need to forget - but I can't let go, he's the only one i want. the one i dream about at night, i can't stop thinking about him, i've tried it before. very tired of this, waiting and waiting. i want to write his name here, but i can't it's not worth letting anyone know, letting him know, I still and will always- love him.
okay. i am not exactly sure what i'm going to say. as everyone else is probably wondering too, when is the new cd coming out ? does anyone have any clue ? well, besides that i guess i'm going to write this random thought that popped into my head recently, okay : so if your life is perfect, even for a moment let it drown you and overwhelm you, take it all in and never let it go, cause just around the corner is disapointment waiting to happen. like i said random. some of you might think it's stupid, weird, or that it doesn't make much sense, but whatever. so that's all.
MCR is awesome !
So this is my first blog on here. just going to say how much i love my chemical romance and how Gerard is my favorite member. he's really cool, and i don't care how this sounds, but i consider him my role model, he's just awesome. okay i have to say my favorite mcr cd is three cheers for sweet revenge, my favorite song is okay well i don't exactly have one, all the songs are great. my biggest dream is to meet the band, it would make me really happy and complete my life. okay that's all for now.