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Where to send fan mail

Wanna write to Gerard, anyone know where I can send a letter that he himself will actually get it ????
No fake addresses please. It would mean a lot to write to him


i am so upset that MCR broke up, i wish i knew why? From the news on this website it sounded like a mutual decision between all the members. i'm not ready to let this band go. We will always have their music and memories of seeing them in concert. i just can't believe they broke up, it hurts my heart knowing i will never hear new music from them again, and it hurts knowing i will never see them in concert again. I hate that this is the end of a band that kept me alive, the reason i knew i could hold on.

Contemplating the future

I've come to the point where i feel completely hopeless. All my life i never thought i'd be the person who would ever seriously consider suicide, but life has become so unbearable and i can't take much more of the pain. I have no real friends, no support nothing, I will miss my family deeply, and i wanted to have met MCR before i die but that like many other things are never going to happen for me.
it would have been nice to fall in love and be happy before i died, but no one wants me that way, i guess i'm not pretty enough.
I don't want to cry out begging for someone to be there for me, or

Why ?

Why does most of the time emotional pain hurt way more than physical pain ? Why in a world full of so many people do so little people seem to care ? I'm lost. I need someone. But, no stranger can look at you and tell that you are in pain, emotional pain, is harder to see, because it's inside.

Please someone answer this question

Okay, I'm going to see MCR in concert on august 13th 2011
And I'm dying to meet MCR and get an autograph
And possibly a picture with them , now I need advice from everyone who has
Been to see them before tell me is there any
Possibility of this happening ? Does anyone know if they hang around
Before or after a show ? And is anyone going to the august 13th show in Hershey , PA cause
Maybe we can meet up and a whole group of
Us can find them and meet them if anyone is going
And wants to try and meet them with me message me
On here we can exchange cell phone numbers and plan something out,


Does anyone believe in the idea of a soulmate ? That one peson your meant to be with ? i've liked someone for 5 years know and i believe he is my soulmate, yes he's older than me and yes he's taken, but from the moment i found out he exists and from the moment i started to like him, i just had this feeling.


has a sudden inspiration to write a book that will be even more phenomenal than the twilight saga , yeah it's going to be quite a challenge, but it's worth the try. i guess if it goes well i'll post updates on here often, i'm hoping it does.

Also I am still waitng for any news on the release of MCR's 4th CD, I wonder when this will happen, hopefully soon cause i don't know if I can wait much longer, but then again I know it'll be worth the wait.

wonders why bob is no longer a part of MCR ?

This was pretty sad news to hear. Does anyone know why he left and decided he didn't want to be a part of the band anymore ? He is such a good drummer, huh, this is strange and sad news. I guess sometimes life just doesn't make any sense. The band won't be the same without him :(

For all that it applys to

yes we all remember the days when you didn't let a day pass by where you weren't drunk, wasted, and/or stoned and no we never liked it. You walked around and throught everyday was glorious but if you were asked now we know you wouldn't be able to remember a thing that happened. goes for anyone who chooses to drink and/or do drugs, you think you are cool and you think it's fun but in the end you remember nothing and wind up dying young.
*** If this offends or bothers anyone then i'm sorry, just ignore it if it does.

I'm bored and when does the new mcr cd come out ?

Haven't been on here in a long time and no i have nothing intersting to write about. okay i as everyone else, want to know when the new cd comes out ? i know it's this year but when ? If anyone has any clue let me know.