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Two Can Play At That Game.

{Stupid thing I wrote. Don't laugh! D:}

You ask me what is right.

You ask me what I want.

You tell me you'll give me everything.

You say that you love me.

But when I try to accept your promises,

You take them away from me.

You tear it apart.

You act like it was never there.

Well, you know what?

Two can play

At that game.

Yes, ma'am.

Two can play.

I'll show you I'll win.

I know I can win.

Defeat you with my strategies.

Cunning and power.

Yes ma'am.

Now that's over.

You refuse to talk to me.

You refuse to invite me

In your life

But all of a sudden,

You're being kind.


What the hell is up

I am a honey addict.

So, I'm staying with my dad until monday and he's got this little bottle of honey in his cabinet xD

I tried some honey yesterday for the first time since 1st grade.

Ever since yesterday, I've been putting it on like...almosst everything.

I just had a hot dog (wiff honeehhh) and a piece of cinnamon bread (WIFF HONEHH!!!!!!)

Hey, it's better than smokin'. :DDD



The Art of Suicide :3

Just asking, but does anyone elsse like Emilie Autumn? :]

Emilie Autumn Pictures, Images and Photos


Can You Count to 3? :O

One of my friends showed me this xDD
Then gave me da nickname PIDERMAN <333


The World Is Ugly; Don't You Know?

God, I love this song<3


Hullo MCRmy<3

Just thought I'd stop in, write a blog that says "Hullo". *checks the title of blog* YAY!!! {Red Flag - Billy Talent}. So, tell me [Insert Your Name Here], how are you doing today?(:

Having a good day in [Insert Your Location Here]? xD Haha. OH! I has awesome news xD

My 3 year old brother (who's birthday is September 10th. Sound familiar?) likes My Chem xD I a couple of My Chem songs and he started headbanging xD

So Dear Black Parade Soldier, let's all have a party!!


I has an idea now. If you has an IMVU account...
Why not have a huge IMVU chat party thing xD

I don't know.


>< I can't go to Homecoming.
I can't go to Nekocon.
I can't do anything.
I'm so sad now.
Why can't I do these things?

Well, because Medusa told me not to call anyone on my cell phone except her and my dad.
Who'd I call? Her and my dad.
And BY COMPLETE ACCIDENT I hit "TALK" instead of "REPLY" when I was texting this girl I like.
The buttons are right next to each other.

I fucking cried.

And when Medusa gets the bill, she's going to flip out.
I'm so upset!!!! Dx

What should I do?

Any suggestions?

Vacation in Kentucky

Oh my god! I'm here in Kentucky with my dad<3 I finally get to see my 3 year old brother today later! I'm so excited!!! (Who by the way, shares the same birthday as a MCR member! GUESS WHO!!!!)

Anyway, my dad recently moved here and showed me my new room! I'm not really into soft pinks and oranges, but I love my room!!

I can't wait to see my brother<333333

BTW! Today's winner for the MCR 30 Day Challenge is "EARLY SUNSETS OVER MONROEVILLE"


MCR Fanfic.

I don't know;
I wrote one a couple of years ago, but never posted it anywhere.
Don't think it's really MCR worthy.

No, there's no Frerard in it. xD

It's just....weird I guess you could say.

Should I post it?

Fucking Jerk;;;;

So, check this out.

I've got 2 older brothers {Search & Destroy} and brother #1 is my best friend, in the Army, and lives in TX. Miles away from me. Hundreds of miles. Brother #2 thinks he's the man cos he got a degree in college. Whoop de shit. Yeah, because nobody has EVER gotten a degree...EVER in history >P dick.


So for Christmas this past year, I got a brand new laptop ( Thank you, Medusa<3 ). Bro #2 has had a laptop for like four years and this was my newest. My dad gave me his old ones...then they broke >< {Addicted -Saving Abel}.

Brother #2 never lets anybody use his stuff.