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I've got a band, you guys (:

Hello fellow Black Parade Soldiers and Killjoys! My best friend and I have started a band, and we're trying to rally up an audience. I would reeeaally appreciate it if you guys could like our band on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and on BandCamp.

We've got some instrumentals already on the internet, but we need just a few more audience members!


All links to us are:

The MCRmy Always Has Mah Back

Thank you so much, you guys. It means a lot that there are people to talk to. :)

In case you didn't know...

Trich is a hair pulling disorder. It's both painful and horrific. I've had this for almost my entire life.
I used to pull because I was the only girl in kindergarten with braids,silly, I know.

As I moved, being a military brat, I then began pulling because I never really made good friends.
Entering middle school, I pulled because my dad ruined my self image and my parents were going through a divorce.

In high school, I pulled because, once again, didn't have good friends.

When in doubt... upon the MCRmy.

I'm a few months shy of being legal. (FINALLY. x] )

However..... I found out two things within the last year.
1: I have trichotillomania; it's awful.

and 2: I found out THREE DAYS AGO that one of my best friends passed away. He was my everything, and I have never lost a loved one before. I'm an absolute wreck & my trich isn't helping. At. All.

I've only told a total of three people about my trich, and they all say the same thing.


I have missed being on here so much (:
Ahh, I totally forgot how friendly everyone is.
I just wanted to say I MISS THIS SITE !!!
Oh, and I start my senior year in 10 days ! :D

Did I mention, I'm at a new school? xD


Lean On Me.

The MCRmy has helped me with a lot of like problems and such.
Which is what makes My Chemical Romance have the GREATEST fans in the world, but I have a question for the MCRmy.
'Nother issue. Lol

During the Honda Civic Tour, the show in Virginia Beach to be exact, I saw one of my friends and his ex-girlfriend. He and I talked for a little bit, and all was normal. But by the end of the night, I get a text message from him saying she thinks I'm fucking weird.

How does that make sense? She doesn't know me. She's never talked to me. Has she heard about me?

People Are Still Going On About This On YouTube

So, I said something about it.

I Got My First Guitar (:

So excited, right? Well, YES! (: BUUUUUUUUUUUT I can't decide what to name it.
I'm thinking either TORO <3 (because Ray is my FAVORITE guitarist)
or Ross . (cos he's been a really big part of my life.)

TEEHEEE <3 oh by the way, I can't play gee-tar yet (;

[insert killjoy name here]

Dear Brother

This is just something I really need to say to him.

Dear Brother,
Thank you for being my older brother. Thank you for being my friend when I was a little bitty baby and still watching Barney and TellyTubbies...because kid shows kick ass. That's irrelevant. But most of all, I'd like to thank you for being a complete jack ass. Thank you for insulting and offending me with your harsh words. Thank you for laughing at an opportunity I was fucking offered. Thank you for not being supportive. Thank you for being an ass. Thanks, brother.

My Chem Concert Crisis!

Alright, basically, My Chem is my all time favorite band.
And their concert in Virginia Beach is the one I'm going to.
the five people that I'm supposed to go with all are sitting in completely different seats.

It's sort a price issue. I've been saving up a little bit. And I was hoping my parents could help me with the rest.


I've been thinking about just not even going to the concert.....