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I have missed you all! I have been working so friggin hard and stuff and I just did not get on. I'm sorry...Just wanted to say hi and stuff


Hey guys I have an account on too if you wanna chat :) Look for AlyssaVonVanity...


Hey guys I have an account on too if you wanna chat :) Look for AlyssaVonVanity...

The Life of Jeffrey the Zombie

I am gonna start a little book type thingy about my best friend Jeffrey the Zombie.People can add on to the story on their comments.It's gonna be sort of a chain story.I say a part and people add on, and over and over until people are tired of it.


I named this little guy Jeffrey.Jeffrey is addicted to MCR and BOTDF.His fave songs are Blood by MCR and Believe by BOTDF.Jeffrey has a best friend, his name is Jo-E he is a purple dinosaur that loves to play with fire.Jeffrey and Jo-E live on Candy Mountain with Sasquatch and his son Jack (Black)...(watched Tenacious D)

(My new MCR profile name)


Yesterday I got to school and found out my boyfriend was CHEATING ON ME!!!!!! I didn't do anything wrong I was sweet to him and we never fought...ever! But, whats weird is that I'm not really hurt about it...Even though he said "I still love you I just don't want to be with you."
If you love someone you don't cheat on them with someone else!...I think he just went out with me to get what he wanted and when he was done, he dropped me on my ass...Why is it me that gets hurt? why am i so vulnerable and fall for them so easily...
*listening to DEAD! is making me feel better*

Thank you MCR!

Fellow Killjoys!

Here I am sitting in class on the computer sishing I were with my killjoys...People make fun of me because I listen to MCR, Nirvana, BVB, and BOTDF, but, I keep smiling with my head held high...Everyone listens to Lil Wayne, Justin Bieber, and Wiz Khalifa, and who cares who else...I know ya'll support me, and you guys rock.

FRANK:I love you!You make me laugh until it hurts!You rock!
GERARD:I love you!You inspire me to keep going and never give up, and spit in my enemies face!
MIKEY:I love you!You are the coolest guy I wish I knew!

MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE:Thank you for picking me up from the hole

Goodbye shoulder length hair!



Wow I am so sad right now someone please put me out of my misery and make me happy!

---Alyssa Von Vanity<3

Let Me See

1) Height? 5'9
2) Virgin? me to know you not find out
3) Shoe size? 11
4) Sexual orientation? Straight
5) Do you smoke? no, but love the smell
6) Do you drink? no
7) Do you take drugs? no
8) Age you get mistaken for? ppl think I'm 18
9) Have tattoos? no
10) Want tattoos? heck yes!
11) Have piercings?yes
12) Want piercings? yes
13) Best friend? Brittany Martin
14) Biggest turn ons?sexy smile, good kisser, funny
16) Biggest turn offs? idiotic ppl
17) Favorite movie? That's My Boy, Get Him To the Greek, Rock of Ages, Dark Shadows
18) I will love you if... you don't pretend to be