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Why Can't anyone tell me...

who won the conventional weapons contest....I even emailed and tweeted the site and no one's gotten back to me :(

About Conventional Weapons Contest (again...)

ahhh this is literally driving me insane. I REALLY wanted to win the sold out conventional weapons box would have made my MCR collection complete. But the site isn't say who won and they were supposed to by yesterday. I can't stand the tension! I wish they would just say out of the anxious people like me waiting, who won...?

I'm really sorry

That I spammed the newsfeed, the connection must not be that good here.

In school...

So I'm in math class at school about to take a test...sending this off the ipad bathe school gave me, I wasn't crazy about it at first and even now kinda iffy but it means can talk to you guys so that's cool lol.

(Someone just walked by the classroom singing "don't worry about a thing, cause ever little thing...")

Anyways, this is my third math class since school started....someone help meh
Oh and if anyone wants to talk ill be online most of the day, though I'm still getting used to blogging and such.

Who Won?

I entered the Sold Out Conventional Weapons Box Set contest and I'm super anxious to find out who won. I desperately wanted to but since I have yet to receive an email about it I'd say chanced are slim. So does anyone know who won?

(Also, thank you very much to everyone who provided band name suggestions, I really liked and appreciated them)

Heya, MY First Blog. Band Name Ideas?

So I will be forming a band really soon but I'm at a little bit of a loss for names. I'll collaborate with the other members but does anyone have any suggestions or anything?