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Party Poison Box Set

If someone was selling a Danger Days party Poison box set, I'd buy it off you like *snaps* that.

Depending on the price I'm looking for a Conventional Weapons box set too.

Fucking School

My damn school is doing this test to see who are the kids who are depressed, because they are going to mark those kids as people with mental health issues and send them to a therapist. I cannot properly express how stupid I think this is and how angered I am with it. They are assuming that all the depressed kids are suicidal and are going to pry into their lives. I can't stand that! They need to mind their own business.
AND they're most likely gonna mark me as one of the depressed people (I have been pretty depressed lately but it passes) and I am NEVER talking to the damn therapist.

Calling conventional weapons fans

In "the world is ugly" is the lyric
'we might be, swears his heart'
'we'll mine beats twice as hard'

And another thing, I've always thought it was "these are the eyes and the lives"
But people have been saying, "these are the eyes and the lies".....I'm so confused

And finally, in "the light behind your eyes" is it
"Time becomes for us, you'll understand"
"Time it comes for us, you'll understand".

I wanted to make myself a lyrics booklet but I'm seriously caught on these two.

Thoughts in math class....(help)

I do not understand direct variation at all...

"X and y vary directly", if x=7, when y=35 find:
(a) direct variation equation.
(b) y, when x=18

........what?! I don't understand this at all...someone please help me and examine this in terms I can understand

I love my one true friend...

So my friend's a little wacky at times but she feels bad how people keep bailing on me. And I showed her some of the "MCR Valentines" some of you have probably seen showing up. So when. I met her at her locker this morning she presented me with a printed page of all the Gerard valentines I showed her, and to top it off, she gave me another printed page FILLED with pictures of Gerard (if you haven't caught on I kinda have a crush on Gerard lol) and before I left her at her class she said "and I also have some chocolates in my lunch box for ya!". Eric-Mah-Gerd.

I hate my "friends"

They've all just abandoned me for o reason whatsoever, they just stated ignoring me and ow I'm not talking to any of them anymore aside from 2 people...I guess I really didn't need them if they would just leave like this but it still hurts. One of the girls once told my mom how happy she is we're friends, and then she does this.

That heartbreaking feeling when...

You look at the clock at its starts in 10minutes :(

School Is Like A Meat Grinder

It brings you in, chews you up and spits you our till you can't even function anymore
- Gerard Way (unexact quote)

this has been how I feel as of recent.

A heavy heart, i get so weak

I'm just so tired of everything, my home life, my brother teasing me, my dad and mom fight, I've never had a bedroom cause my dads junk is in there...then going to school day in and day out when all I want to do with my life is be in a rock band, peple make fun, and kill my self esteem. The band teacher at school's been mad at me even though I'm going out of my way to help him. I dropped out of all my honors and advanced placement classes at school (except Bio) cause I just didn't have time for all the work and my mom's still mad at me for dropping them.

I'm really pissed right now

I have a friend who's kinda overly religious and I sent him the lastest post Frank Iero made on his site, and my (EX) friend hasn't stopped fighting with me since about how "wrong" that idea is. I'm so sick of him being this way. I think that everyone can believe what they want but this dude just tries to shove his religon down everyones throat. He says MCR doesnt save people, god saves people. Oh how wrong he is. MCR saved my life, i can't believe how bad he can talk about them like they're monsters or something.