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It was a lie when they said you won't feel a thing

So its time for me to ramble. Hey all, I hope everyone is sleeping unlike me. Today was kinda good. I got a lot done. I cleaned a lot. How boring, huh? But I'm a neat freak and it felt good to put some order and all that into housework, since I feel like my life is in such shambles. So November 29th was my sons' birthday. He died of SIDS almost 4 years ago in case you did't read my bio thing. It was not as bad as the past years so that's comforting, but it'll be something I can never get over. January 30th is rough, the day he died. Only 2 mths/61 days old.

Here's your MCR quiz for today

I'm bored, I should be working on the computer so what better way to spend my time then think up odd questions?

1. If you could have 3 bands to see together at a show, who would they be? (I'm just going to take a shot in the dark here and say there will be many who have MCR as at least one of them).

Mine is MCR, Green Day and Blink 182. I would die of joy after. Or maybe hyperventilate in the crowd. I'd be the one with the brown bag.

2. If you could have an MCR song as your wedding song or some other thing like that, which one would you pick?

Me: Summertime

3. Sorry, not trying to be

How great is this?

I just realized as I sit rambling in my insomnia, that a week in December is going to be like um like, totally awesome. Check it out: Dec 11th Green Days Tre! comes out Dec 14th The Hobbit movie Yay! Dec 16th Dexter season finale Ah I love that show Dec 18th Conventional Weapons #3!!!!! I mean seriously, those few days are just awesome. So even if the world ends on the 21st, I will die happy. If you don't watch Dexter you need to start, it is awesome.

Lesser of 2 evils cont.

Hey all whats up? So. The blog I posted yesterday was hypothetical b/c I figured many of you are younger and could maybe let me know that side of the situation. It wasn't my parents having issues, I was actually talking bout my hubby and I struggling and I don't know what the best thing is for my kids. My whole family lost respect for my husband after years of him not really being, well, responsible in any sort of way and making our life a lot harder then it has to be, he got himself a 2nd dwi last December and lost his license for 2 years this time. Its getting ridiculous.

Which is the lesser of 2 evils?

So I would like some opinions on this hypothetical scenario. I am assuming most of you are teens/ 20s, if not, you can still answer. Say your living with your parents. They fight. Not regular little bickering arguments, and not every day, but when they do, its bad. Like your father is calling your mom a skank and other seriously vulgar names in front of you and siblings under ten. and he drinks a lot, etc. Most of the time your mom avoids drama and life revolves around your dads moods.

Putting it all out there

I already posted last night, don't know where the hell it went. So I'll try again. I became a member months ago on here, but never got around to blogging. Why now? I'm bored I guess. Last night it was insomnia that made me do it. I'll try to give a sorta short life story here, lol. I'm obviously a die-hard MCR fan, but probably not as young as most of you. I'm the same age as Gerard though, so I I don't feel like too much of a freak. Now if this was some young band, then I'd just keep it a secret.