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Can you guys give me some high school advice please?

My son is going to high school next year(def making me feel old), and I' m getting really worried about him. He' s so funny, he' s empathetic, cute, he' s a great kid. And I don't ignore his flaws and think he' s perfect b/c he's my kid, he definitely has some flaws, but really he' s a cool kid. Very witty/sarcastic and always makes people laugh. Sometimes he' s super outgoing, other times he's VERY quiet. So what i' m worried about is he' s in 8th grade,and most boys his age average 5'6", some are a few inches shorter, but he' s almost a foot shorter then a bunch of kids his age.

Anyone want a free Green Day album download?

I got a free download when I bought tickets to a Green Day concert, it says I get 3 downloads with the 3 tickets, but I may only be able to share 2, I actually don't know anyone who would want it. I have their CD already, It's for their album Uno, so I have 2 to share for free, if anyone wants one, you can give me your email and I'll send you the album....there's 2 just though. Ok, thats it :)

Have to tell someone

Hey guys! I haven't been on here in a while, the holidays were fucking nutty and then my best friend since we were 10 or 11 lost her mom and that was really hard. She's only 35 and both her parents passed away now. It seems so wrong and unfair. I hope everyone is doing good. Aside from horrible things, I am really really excited...I got tickets to see Green Day April 1st and I cannot wait!!!! I totally screwed up and thought Rochester NY was about an hour away, then after I bought the tickets, I looked up the map thing and its 5 hours away.

I want answers Killjoys!

1. What's your favorite movie? (me LOTR Return of the King)
2. What's the last movie you saw in theaters? (me I think The Lorax)
3'. Whats your favorite show if you have one? (me Dexter!!!!)
4. What's the last tv show you watched? (me Breaking Bad finale saved on my dvr)
5. What' s the big major thing you want for Christmas the most? (me..a nap, no really just to see my kids faces when they get there 3ds' s, and my oldest his xbox)
6. What's your favorite holiday song? (me I think O Holy Night...the Josh Groban version. So beautiful)

see ya! Oh yeah, we almost made it through doomsday.

My next tattoo, can you help with this?

I'm not getting it any time really soon, probably in the spring/summer, but I knew as soon as I heard Ambulance, that I wanted the lyrics 'You don't know a thing about this life' as a tattoo. Those words really get to me, it's more like a saying to myself. That I don't know a thing about this life. I've realized, even when you grow up some, you seem to know less. You've heard that right? The older you get, the less you know? It's true. And I' not even that old yet. God help me when I reach 40s. So I'm gonna get this tattoo, and I'm trying to think of 2 things.

1. Where do I put it?

This hole you put me in, wasn' t deep enough...and I'm climbing out right now.

Hi you lovely awesome people:) So, it's officially "doomsday"', and I think its all total Buuuuulllllsssshhhhiiit. And guess what? If I'm wrong, and we're all doomed, then no one can say hey Allie, you were wrong, I told you so. Because, you know, we' ll all be goners anyway, lol.

So things are the same, still dealing with my difficult husband who doesn' t probably ever want to stop drinking, tonight was shitty earlier. Whenever he drinks a lot, and I mean a lot b/c when you do every day, it takes a crazy amount to get really drunk, he gets really obnoxious.

Do you ever..........

just want to comment on like, every single blog on here b/c your bored/feeling talkative? That's how I feel right now. So don't be surprised if you see me commenting on everything today. Like, every damn thing. No, I do not think I'm Ann Landers or Dr. Phil. Just in the mood to socialize without stepping out of my house. I'm happy my husband is at work today. Half the time he works from home and its frustrating. He's literally on the phone ALL day, and expects 4 kid to be quiet the whole time. Impossible.

I can't believe i'm sharing this Plz read

Ok, I hope someone or someones will actually read this and give me honest honest opinions. I know it's a bit long, so thanks if you take the time to read it. It's the prologue to the book i'm writing. I want to know if it actually grabs you from the get-go and makes you want to read more. Be honest...I can take it :)

I am absolutely alone. Literally, physically, and mentally, however and whichever way I perceive this fact. This is what I prefer. And yet, in a morbid way, I know I’m not as alone inside as I feel. My despair is my bitter companion.

These computers confound me

I couldn't do the profile picture I wanted, it was too big or some such nonsense BS. I have like no pictures alone really, their all family shots. I generally try not to jump in front of a camera. So oh freaking well. For now I have a picture I don't like of myself, but it beats that other generic picture so it'll do for now. I just finished my work on quickbooks. I work from home right now doing bookkeeping type stuff. And the hours suck obviously. It contributes to my insomnia a lot of times, but i'm a night owl anyway. So anyway, I really have next to nothing to talk about.

In a perfect world...

I could wear flannel PJ's every day out in public, I would have like 86 MCR albums or more, Be able to have the coffee pot make its own coffee without me even having to push a button, I would just need to wish for it and it was there, to never have started smoking so I didn't have to deal with quitting, be able to pay a baby sitter in trident gum like the commercials say you can do, let me just say, that is NOT true, have poker night once a week with Gerard Way, Billie Joe Armstrong and Tom Delonge (my list of coolest dudes ever), play charades with them and watch old horror movies and kick