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Today is the I hate the world day
yes well now you know. today I hate the world. the world sucks. I'm so pissed off right now. I feel like i could strangle every single one at school >_
Btw.. Im new here x) Hey everybody!
Hello! What a awesome ideia to put mcrmy here! :D love it.
So I got up really early this morning to go and see the Banksey exebition (like 5.30 early) and I was just going to put that i thought it was really good. If you haven't heard of Banksey he's an artist who graffiti's political messages about things that he feels pationate aout. It sounds a bit boring but it isn't. So google him if like the picture. There shots that i took earlier on today.
Dear My Chemical Romance, the point of this is....?
3 NEW My Chem Songs Live! (From the New Album) !
First New Song & My Personal Favorite: Called "Death before Disco" Second New Song: Called "The Drugs" Third New Song" Called "Kiss the rain" or "Kiss the ring" All these songs where from the secret show in Los Angeles at The Roxy Theater from last month. Tell me your opinions on them!!!!
Fried Brains! Apparently the Hilltop Inn of Evansville, Ind. has just been crowned the Manliest Restaurant in America (2009) due to the fact that they offer an actual fried brains sandwich with pickle. I'm almost speechless. First off lets get this out of the way - I personally dont know any guys who would eat a brain sandwich with or without the pickle. Please, if your out there correct me if I'm wrong.
Hey everyone.sorry for asking but...
hey everybody. my name's Leanne and i'm new on here. I was wondering how you look for and add friends on here. any help would be greatly appreciated.(^_^)
Marvel- R.I.P
Just found out about Disney buying Marvel... I can't believe it!! Seriously, I have no clue how this is going to end up, but I'm pretty sure it's gonna be disastrous! I mean.. DISNEY??! What, Spiderman's gonna be a romantic figure from now on? Iron Man / Hannah Montana crossovers?? *shudders* "Junior Avengers" and the Hulk making a guest appearance in the next Jonas Bothers movie.. *horrified* This could be a very sad day indeed :-/
Im currently living in Ireland which I adore simply because everyone is lovely here. Except when you get that occasional drunken goon who wanders up to you trying to chat you & your friends up, proceeding to threaten a fight when any male there too. But it's still a story too tell. Local irish bands here are truely amazing each with their own different style. Although with some singers, people remark on their fake American accents. Which is ridiculous, accents in ireland change every mile.