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Haha!! Amazing night =]
Guess I can start using this baby as a detailed twitter? Haha. Today was awesome, needed to get the hell out of my town so i snatched up a couple of my best friends and headed up to phoenix, spent an hour or two at guitar center and then the mall then food. I swear chinese buffets put drugs in their food, every time we eat at one we laugh hysterically the entire time. Fun night, whats up fellow fans, how's life? (=
I have crossed to the dark side.
The dark side also known as preppy dockers-wearing all-american looking college boys. I have a (slowly growing) crush on one of them. The worst part is that i also have a boyfriend, and said boyfriend has been my boyfriend for the last 3 and a half years. Now before you judge hear me out. I love my boyfriend with all my heart. He is sweet, intelligent, and i know he thinks the sun comes out of my ass. He is the boyfirend that all my friends want.
franklero: Ok fine, but where do all the handicapped guys who are also wearing hawaiian shirts pee?
A Separate Peace.
I am close to finishing "A Separate Peace" by John Knowles. I haven't read it since my freshman year of high school, and here I am, a senior in college. I highly recommend this novel. If you liked "Fight Club," you'll definitely enjoy it. I know that's an odd analogy, but trust me. If you like conflicting identities, paranoia and heartbreak, this novel is for you.
All MCRmy People
I have started a group on Facebook for people in the MCRmy in Houston, TX. It is called "My Chemical Houston" I am wanting to get all Houston area MCR people to unite in one central group. I don't mind if any joins, especially people in the MCRmy; it doesn't matter where you live. So please fellow soldiers, join the group. If anyone wants to help moderate the group, just let me know. Thanks. Matt. P.S. a logo hopefully will soon follow.
I won a TUA action figure from TFAW! =D