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Who else is excited for season six of House?! :D
Like the title says, who else is excited for House MD season six?! :D Fox has been releasing a shit-ton of promos [I think they're up to nine], and each one gets better and better. They even released a two minute scene of House 'playing basketball' with some fellow psych patients. Recently, they have released promo pics of each character, some were good and some were 'eh'; Wilson's was the best, of course. ;] Also, lots of spoilers have been relased; and we KNOW that someone gets fired.
Rant blog
Gerard has interupted my Intervention.
What are your fave MCR songs?
So do you have fave songs by MCR? I know it is hard to choose, but there has to be 1 or 2 or more songs that you listen to the most. I listen to Thank You For The Venom,Stay, and Demolition Lovers a lot, so I guess these are my faves. Also I have been listening to House of Wolves more and more lately.However, my favorites change I guess. So leave a comment if you want. ( =
Anyone else a fan? I've been down with them since the fifth grade, dude. Love them to death, probably the first musical item I have even taken time to look into and care about. I guess you could say they kinda brought me here in the first place. My neopets account was "aerosmith_shweetie" or something like that.... -does not really remember- Now tell me, that Joe Perry is not one of the most talented guitar learners out there--picking it up and end up where he is now, all by himself. No lessons, no shit. He played the clarinet once I believe (hehe, like meh). Not to mention Steven Tyler.
Like Frank...
I know that there's only one Frank Iero, and that we all love him to death, etc., etc. But please, I can't be imagining things! I can't upload the photo because of size limitations, so clicky the link. P. S. I think I have some problems with this stuff...I've never blogged before, and now I'm doing it way too much.
the best fucking video games ever!!!!!
my fave games ever!! the MCR games, helena and sweet revenge. they are fucking awesome!!!!!!! i have prolly played them 70 times each. lmao!!!! MCR fucking rule!! helena: sweet revenge:
If anyone is interested in random shit and weird conversations, add my twitter: killerSMILE I'm on everyday and check my @replies constantly...because I'm pathetic like that. Make me a little less pathetic and follow me? ;]
In a World Where No One Sees Me, But You
My, my, my! I had no idea about this whole... MyChem MCRmy exclusive thing... This'll be fun! ^_^ Thanks guys! You're amazing! This'll be the one blog I won't be stalked at! ha ha ha!! Just kidding... but seriously... It'll be nice to go somewhere where I know my friends and family won't bother me or stalk me. As far as I can remember... I'm the only My Chemical Romance fan I know. (Yeah, I need to get out more...) But, yeah. Thanks, MCR! ~Stephanie
Intervention tonight.
I don't know what it's going to be about, but I'll come back & write a review. I love this show, I know what it's like to struggle with addiction. Mikey likes Intervention too, which I think is cool. I've been obsessed with this show for a year.