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New Album?
So I hear there's a new studio album in the works? Fantastic.. It's about time guys! (: To be fair.. I got kinda used to the whole one album every two years like.. Bullets.. 2002 3 Cheers.. 2004 Black Parade.. 2006 See?
OMG..I almost
forgot to say HIIIIII everybody:) ~AijaMariMCRmy~
Soundwave, Soundwave, Soundwave!
I Want To Go To Soundwave Next Year!! My Parents are leaning towards my birthday/christmas present. Is anyone else going? :) x
Hey there!
well im pretty new at this blogging well frankly im not sure what to say! i love my chem since they've come out and im dying for there new stuff to finally come out. ill write more later when i have more to say. lol. x]
I Hope that (finally) MCR would read this..... *sigh* THIS IS THE LETTER I MADE ON THE TISSUE...for MCR...(a certain kind of randomness...) here it goes.... "Well, what could i say?i'm a fan of yours... But i can't actually say that i am a SUPER, ENORMOUS, BIG fan of yours, because I am actually(actually, my new favorite word...lmfao) a super late fan. There was a time when i hated you.... I think you that story already...BLAH BLAH BLAH... I wanna thank you guys, for being yourself.
Hello Everybodyyy ^.^ This site is pretty much sick.
hello to anyone that reads this! I cannot wait for SW 2010! Mcr are playing! whooo I'm going to the Melbourne show :)
I would personally...
like to say a high HI! to everyone on the site. :) i'm happy to finally be a member lmao. :D
it's just me, or
it feels kinda weird being a 'member' ? *-* lol
Who Knew...
that a simple little code could make you nearly shit your pants with happiness?! This site is amazing...just like MCR...and all the fans! Nice to meet you all x