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Boobs in your face?
So sittin here lookin at blog headlines and i suddenly noticed that my profile pic looks like i'm sticking my boobs out. it was actually taken as i was leaning back relaxing but the way it was cropped i thought "fuck, it looks like i'm sticking my boobs in everybody's face"! maybe i'm just being paranoid but i figured i'd get someone else's opinion. so be honest cause i'm debating whether or not to change it. does it look natural or like i'm pushing my chest out? totally won't be offended so again PLEASE BE HONEST. thanks lovelys! xoxo
My brother took this picture when he was in England and I think it totally looks like the courtyard in Hogwarts. Let me know what you think.
My new best friend
I walked out my house today and guess what i see? A LIZARD!!! I thought he was so cute. my class had 2 gecko's in the 4th grade. So I talked to him but he wouldn't talk. i don't know what was wrong with him... I named him frank. He was bound to be a frank of a connor. I mean just look at him! He's so cute and I know you're probly wondering "how do you even know it's a boy?" Well for you're information I just know, okay? Some people have gaydar but I can tell what gender people/animals are and frank is a guy.
job interview :s and jealous boyfriends
job interview tomorrow.... wahhh! i have been to so many and just been rejected. im so fed up! but i need money... so i MUST MUST MUST get a job. personally i think they take one look at me and are like 'no'. i always cover up my tattoos and that... but i have my nose pierced and brick red orange hair so i cant really hide that lol they shouldnt really discriminate me on the way i look... but i can see why they wouldnt want me working for them to be honest.
Our first KIss (WOOT WOOT)
woooo it was our first kiss and its kul because on the day we have our first kiss was the day my mom and dad turn 23 years together lol well let me explain our first kiss i am really sick and i was in the kitchen of the church lol and her mom was calling her saying "get your ass home" so when she left she haded to leave from the back and she said bye and left and then came back lol werid i felt like she was telling me to chase her or something lol so when she left it still took me a couple of minets to leave lol so when i went outside i didnt see her but for some reason she was in the
Veg-heads! +1
Ok, so I am a vegetarian for three weeks running, and even though it's not a long time in anyone's books, it's a great achievment in mine. If you're asking if I'd care to elaborate, then I'd be happy to. You see, my father is dead set against my being a vegetarian, he even offers to take me to taco bell every day I'm at his house. Even more desperate of him, he's offering to take me to expensive resurants so I'll eat the meat there. Problem with that? Simple. He's a broke motherfucker and has no money for expensive food and going out every night.
Kite !!
hi every one!! for mY math class I had to make a Kite soo.. what is the best inspiration for it?? obviusly my chemical romance!!! so tell me what do U think about it?
Weird ...
So, my dad asked me to make him an account on Facebook yesterday, because apparently all his friends have it ... I told him middle-aged men who ride Harley Davidson motorcycles in running shoes and Nazi-esque helmets and have accounts on Facebook should be shot. He laughed. I wasn't greatly impressed, but I made him an account on Facebook anyways. I personally find the thought of my father on Facebook extremely ... creepy. I honestly didn't want to make the account, but when you're bribed with Inglorious Basterds ... well, you know. (And might I add, that movie kicked some SERIOUS ass.
I want to kill this pain
I want to kill this fucking pain! Fuck Fuck Fuck... I want to drink all night long... Because it's over of us as a lovers? and how can it be true? Why this fairytale was not forever? Why? Why people are so fucking stupid...why they don't accept us? Why? Fucking homophopes Is this ok that they say they won't accept our relationship? no! it's not! It's so fucking not! Ha. Her friend even said it's all my nice...and she said that she doesn't want to be her friend if she'll be with me.
Dirty Dancing
Last night, my friends and I watched "Dirty Dancing" and had some drinks for Patrick Swayze. What a cool, wholesome dude. May he rest in peace.