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oh thanks!!!!i'm in my home now..!! i was so boring =S..........
Job Interview Jitters
I found out last week that I have the opportunity to interview for a position that I have dreamed about my whole life. I would be the head buyer for a major online electronics retailer, managing their entire digital imaging division (camera, camcorders, etc.). Sounds important, right? It absolutely is. In case you always wondered what a buyer does or have never heard that job, or are a young lady aspiring to have the coolest job in the world, then look no further than the world of corporate retail.
My finger tips burn.
So I have been playing guitar for the past hour and my finger tips BURN!! Oh they burn so bad! Because I barely played during the summer. And I have a test tomorrow in guitar. So I practiced for like an hour straight and now, typing is so painful! Anyways, this was just a blog to complain. And show you that awesome little kid. He's adorable XD
You know what's sad?
when you get some awesome-tastic fingerless mcr gloves and love them and wear them all the time, then they randomly disappear one day and you look all over the place but have no idea where in hell they went. So you buy new ones. with my luck I'll find the old ones laying around my room somewhere. My room is really messy...
sweet home Maryland
i usually love road trips but this trip home was a fucking NIGHTMARE. i think it ws due to lack of sleep. alas i'm home for a short while and its great to see the fam and friends and of course my dog, aww i missed her! looks like my next job will be here in Maryland so i get to see my famiy for the holidays. i'll keep you posted and keep reading everyone's blogs, i love seein what's happening on the MCR fan front! i'll leave you with a pic of my doggy Jayda and me (back when i had hair) an apology of spelling errors cause its seems my keyboard is lagging. . .grrr. . .
More of Tim Burton's Greatness
9 of course comes out tomorrow and I am so excited to see it. I have almost every one of his movies that are out so far and I can't wait to see this one. And Alice In Wonderland, too...but that is a long wait.
My Life as a Film...
I hadn't seen it that way untill yesterday, when my mom told me how she felt. We were on our way back to my grandma's home from picking up something from a stationary store back in my old neighborhood. We had seen a teacher and her husband, people we knew from back then, for they owned the store and my mom commented that she felt like like time had stopped for them and gonne on running for us. I started to meditate about that on the way to my grandma's home. And I remembered, I had once thought about how I wanted my coming into Heaven to be if I ever make it there.
I'm at school -_-
ugh I was so bored that I said to myself -dude, let's see is the blog works with the iPod And surprise it does :D Well now I'm at the librery and his magic Internet with Jaz and Magaly, just listening music In a few minutes I have class So bye bye
Riiiiiiight.. I bought a watch at the begining of the summer hols, so like july.. not that long ago It is amazing and it has Gerard Way on it
-Back To School-
okay people, back to school isn't that bad. we've already been at school for a month now, so the hype is over. it'll all come back to you. besides, if you go back this week, you've only got a few days of school.