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I really really really wanna c my chem live!! i have this list of bands i really wanna c & my chem is at da very top!! im quite disappointed i havent seen them in Ireland at all, they've been here quite a few times nw, when my chem play Ireland the tickets sell out immediately!! ( well really really quickly!!) its soo hard to get tickets to there shows!! gotta up my game for there next concert in Ireland!! Have a credit card now so that will help!! Anyways gotta go Laura ========== xxx
Oh my gosh, who is completely stoked for this movie?! That would be me!! Unfortunately, I don't get to see it today. My abnormal psych class is tonight from 6-9 and I don't think I'll wanna go see it after I get out of a 3 hour lecture hall. However, I am going to see it tomorrow! I'm skipping my 2:00 English. I'm going home right after my clinical and then my boyfriend and I are going to see it. Yeah, I see early movies. What of it, punk?? Saves me money. BTW, three hour classes suck. And my teacher's name is Myrna. And she's boring. I do like learning the abnormal psych stuff though.
Poprocks and Frozen Coke ^ ^
Me and my twin had an epiphany this afternoon. No, I mean seriously. We had a total genious moment. Everyone knows Poprocks and Coke, right? Come on, its even a Green Day song. But... Poprocks and FROZEN Coke? Genious. Pure genious. Absolutely mouth-poppingly gorgeous.
My New Guitar - What do You Think?
i got this guitar on the 23/08/09 it was incredibly exciting - what do u guys think ive named it frank because frank plays les pauls and thats what made me want to get a les paul
MIKEY WAYS aka milky ways
im extremly bored but i wanted to see what you guys thought of the birthday present my friends made me... MIKEY WAYS i am aware this is incredibly dorky but who cares.... unfortunatly my friends arn't cool enough to know to include frank, ray and bob.... that was the only let down oh and the jonas brothers and miley cyrus.. i ate joe's head cause one of my friends loves him- i did this just to empathise my hate for them.. i will never eat gerard or mikey i swear
First! Okay, so, not really.
My first blog here on I'm flummoxed and thrilled. Sort of. I don't really know what to say, and I spose I have nothing interesting but I felt I should break the ice before launching into anything more involved. Digging this whole thing atm, will def. be posting later. H, xxx
Haha!! Amazing night =]
Guess I can start using this baby as a detailed twitter? Haha. Today was awesome, needed to get the hell out of my town so i snatched up a couple of my best friends and headed up to phoenix, spent an hour or two at guitar center and then the mall then food. I swear chinese buffets put drugs in their food, every time we eat at one we laugh hysterically the entire time. Fun night, whats up fellow fans, how's life? (=
I have crossed to the dark side.
The dark side also known as preppy dockers-wearing all-american looking college boys. I have a (slowly growing) crush on one of them. The worst part is that i also have a boyfriend, and said boyfriend has been my boyfriend for the last 3 and a half years. Now before you judge hear me out. I love my boyfriend with all my heart. He is sweet, intelligent, and i know he thinks the sun comes out of my ass. He is the boyfirend that all my friends want.
franklero: Ok fine, but where do all the handicapped guys who are also wearing hawaiian shirts pee?
A Separate Peace.
I am close to finishing "A Separate Peace" by John Knowles. I haven't read it since my freshman year of high school, and here I am, a senior in college. I highly recommend this novel. If you liked "Fight Club," you'll definitely enjoy it. I know that's an odd analogy, but trust me. If you like conflicting identities, paranoia and heartbreak, this novel is for you.