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This was up earlier today, but it's been bumped off the recent post area, so...bringing it back for all of you who still have to VOTE! Come on people! My Chemical Romance rocks the socks and while they don't need an award to show it, WE CAN'T LET TWILIGHT TAKE ALL THE AWARDS THIS YEAR!!!
If you were a guy, you'd probably be starin' at my chesticles ATM.
I bought this shirt and an undershirt to go under it and it REALLY pushes up my boobage area. I am naturally endowed in this area anyways, but having them pushed up makes me very very happy. Haha. That's actually about it >.>
LeATHERMOUTH!Frank Overtakes TwitDraw!!
MS Paint meets social-networking turns terror in my twitdraw story: "The Rise of Leathermouth!Frank" Ha-ha! I did that; then, a ton of my twitter followers started drawing Frank in various forms. Ah, twitdraw will never be the same again! But, seriously, check out some of the legit art that people do on that site. It's amazing the patience and talent some have: XoXo c.
v Of course this isn't really on my gaia account...I can't afford these looks! v
Total gold value: 1,168,000 and rising It's almost all Alruna's Rose!
Total gold value: 1,530,027 and rising Same as above, but made simpler and more expensive! - to be continued -
This band and their music inspired me to go back into music again, their music and passion made me want to write and perform again. My Chemical Romance is just a great band end of story.;) Ok, I will add more when I am not so slap happy from a long night of practice.LOL Until then...MCR Rocks! (But I am pretty sure everyone on here knew that
N00b post!
Hey punks! My intro is in my profile, but i'll post it here too just save some time.... Markia. 17. Senior (THANK GOD!!!) Bass player. I obviously love MCR so I'll just list a few other bands that I can't stop listening to: Mindless Self Indulgence Morningwood Muse The Used Green Day I love new followers and talk a shitload! Don't be shy ;) I'm a twitter whore. I'm a great person to talk to so be sure to add me :)
Jack Skellington-
I like the colors. I was bored & took it ^^
Not Really Getting the Point, But Okay.
Alright, time to write second blog which so happens to be about this blog. Don't get me wrong, I'm loving this so far, but I don't get the point. We can comment on the guys' blogs and we can post our own, but it's just so odd. Also this thing is so hard to navigate. Gosh, I hope this thing gets better though since I really don't know what to do with it.
* The image has nothing to do with this blog but i love it hahaha xD Summer is almost over. September 8 is going to be my first day of school in a new school, Pomona H.S. I hope things trun out good & i hope that i make friends....its hard for me to make friends but i will definitely try. Summer vacation for me was okay. i moved to a new home in Pomona, i have my own room, finally. I pretty much feel good about my new home. I had some fun times & for the first time, i think, it hasnt been a boring summer. That's good x) The thing i hate about summer is the HOTNESS there is here.
i am so freaking exited!!!
omg!!!!1 today was such an awesome day!