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The Black Parade Is Dead!
Ya hace dos años que murio el desfile negro. El TBPID acaba de terminarse y estoy viendo los creditos :´) Y estoy feliz. 07/oct/07, mexico city,, ,,, The Black Parade Is Dead!
My Hair Like Alice's
This is the haircut more wished for the girls and boys that "are" girls(do you understood what I meant?). Of COURSE I'll not the only that wouldn't wish this hair to me. Then, I was trying to convince my mother to I cut it. And the answer was.... NO WAY! The explanation: I have a curly hair and straight a short hair every time that I wash, besides to consume a long time, probably I'll burn myself more times. The solution: make a hair straightening or something like this and cut in a lounge (it's my mother who cuts my hair, 'cause I ask her to do it.
"late dawns and early sunsets, just like my favorite scenes"
What instrument do you play??!!!!!??
I play the keyboards and guitar!!! what about you? :D TELL ME!! and lets be friends!!!
G'Day Mates!!!
Am so lookng forward to Soundwave next year!!!!!!!
So obviously I'm really really bored, and I'm procrastinating because I don't really want to study for my Stats test tomorrow or work on my stupid paper. So if anyone has anything interesting to talk about that's obviously not school, feel free. I need entertainment and as many distractions as I can get right now. :)
And I promised that my other blog was the last of the day...
Yeah, I promised. And I've broken the promise. :/ Oh, well... Anyways, I just love this bloggin' stuff, I didn't know it was so addictive.. So, I wanted to ask ANOTHER question.. What are your others favorite bands? (x Mine are: Paramore, Muse, The Killers. I have a lot more of bands I like, but those are the ones I like the most (: So, my musical taste is very wide.. Really. I like CSS, and I like Iron Maiden. I like Crystal Castles and I like Bring Me The Horizon. So, that's it. And now, a real promise, this is my last blog of the day.
I felt this was so exclusive
something special, for being a dedicated fan for so long but now anyone can join...? what a slap in the face.
information from mikey's twitter
RT @mikeyway Hey guys and gals, the registration is now open to all to make an account on! Have fun and be excellent to eachother. Congratulations for all the new members :)
hi MCR fans!!