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Hi From Canada :)
So, I just signed up. I'm from Canada, and I've been a fan for a long time..I guess. So, just wondering, is anybody else from Canada?
Nice! Greetings fellow MCR members I'm Michelle!
Hello world! It's so weird how fans can now be part of this site. Well they've always been part of it, I just mean that now we can blog like MCR and for some reason that just makes me feel all fuzzy inside ^_^ (Such a strange sentence, oh well). Currently it is Fall here in San Diego and a lot colder than I thought it would be, so my solution is to get a cozy warm My Chemical Romance jacket that was made to be warm. My delima is that I don't know which to get. If any one reads this please give me some sudgestions because I like all of them, I just want a warm one.
Freak, Under The Freaks, Of Freaks
Imagine this: "You're a witch/ wizard, but not just any witch/ wizard. you're a werewolf witch/ wizard. And yet, you're still not any werewolf witch/wizard. You are a werewolf witch/ wizard with extraordinary powers" lol. My friend and I got in a 2 hour long chat right after I said this. The topic stayed this, for the whole 2 hours!
Just stuff
I'm just gonna write crap about me here. My name is David, I'm 15, I live in Ireland. I like music (alot). Mainly Punk and core stuff. MCR is my fave, as well as Rise Against and Billy Talent.
Ouahou :D
:D That'ss soo cool OMG :D Kisss Froom Fraance And long live to My Chemiicaal Romaaance :D :D
Man, Im so happy.. :D
That we can use this site now as fans. its pretty amazing. :)
Wait, what?
...Sooooo. Yeah. Signed up & all that jazz. Now what? Is this just going to be a blogging site? Will there be forums put up? I like forums. If it's just a site to blog on, that's a tad bit boring...That's what I have twitter for that. Mostly because my 'blogs' are one liners...Fun fun fun... Now. what to blog about. Hmmm... Going to see Bowling For Soup in 15 days. Saw them live back in '07, same year I saw My Chemical Romance [I suppose I had to mention them on this site at some point...], though I'd have to say I think BFS were the better.
i need more coffee
i was in collage today and kinda die cuz i didnt not sleep last night dam the new nextdoor pple still in class i have like a break down my mate was like wtf i just when to sleep on my deck and now im not getting ema this week lol at dinner i walk home and had like 2 coffees but i need sometime better i cant buy monster cuz i dont have much cash enyone know where i can get coffee injectd into me lol
The Word 'Blog' Makes Me Laugh.
Yeah, I dunno, it just makes me laugh for some reason... Anyways, yeah, so far this seems pretty sweet. The whole thing with your profile picture being so small kinda annoys me thought, but I'll deal. Ahh, I can't wait for my birthday! Six more days and I'll be sixteen. In my opinion, I have an awesome birthday. Seriously I absolutely love my birthday, the only way it could be better is if it were on Halloween, but October 13th is second best if you ask me.
Are YOU Gonna read this?
Sooooo are you? I wanna know. I've never written a blog before but it kinda looks like fun I guess. but what the point? I mean is anyone actually gonna read this or am I just blabbing to cyberspace? Its not like I'm really giving you any motivation to read this, chances are you have never even heard of me so its not like you really have any reason to care about whatever is going on in my life. I'm not telling you that if you read this you'll get anything back in return. I don't even have anything to tell you.