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"Never take life too seriously. No one get's out alive anyways."
MyChem rules MyMex
mm.. lisa is happy!! wwuuhhuu!! that makes me happy!! Mexico..amiggos unance al mejor blog en toda la historia el de mcr!!! hahahaa,..ok cuidense take care.. NEAC
What the name album of this song?
Death before disco And Kiss the rain (or kiss the ring)? Are they new song? Thanks :)
Dude. i think this blog thing is a good idea.
wow im already thinking of halloween like about carving pumkins or decorating the house all scary and stuff and even my coustum i have no idea wat to be for braedons halloween party...i thought of two that i wanna be and the one is megan mcauley if u kno her shes a rock star but its weird cuz my friend braedon thinks i look just like her but with blonde hair, andhe also said i look like her identical twin or something and the other one is like a girl like in a masqerade mask like hilary duff from the movie a cinderella story except in black and white...but i think i want to be the masqerade
Wow, I'm such a newbie. And I want friends.
Hey kids, I feel all lonely without any friends on here yet hehe. Add meee, I like talkin' :)
Hey don't forget to vote for MCR!!
on scream awards: on Fuse "Best of Steven's Untitled Rock Show": on NME "The Gratest Live Band Ever": Let's make MCR win!! :D:D
A while ago, I took up the hobby of writing. I write tons of stuff, because it's what I find enjoyable and an easy way to express myself. Included in the things I write is a bit of non-slash fanfic. One story I've been working on for quite some time now is called NightCurse, and it's the sequel to my other fanfic called Welcome to the Black Parade. In this story, Gerard has a very negative experience with an Ouja board. I'm not going to spoil it, but I think this story is going to be rather interesting. I haven't gotten to that part yet, however, but I am two or three chapters away from it.
Hi! :)
I'm new here. Just wanna say hello to all :) And also like to remind people of "UNDER PRESSURE", cuz its my all time fav song. And its totally THE BEST VERSION of all the covers of other artists. ;)
My Chemical Romance is the best band