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saludos desde mexico
whoaa, anyone else as lost an I am?
Whoa, this is seriously confusing. i don't even know if i'm even blogging right! ahh! how do we even add friends or find them? is anyone else as lost as i am? Why are our display pictures so tiny!? lol anyway...*cough*
New album
when is it coming out I'm dying for some new tunes;)
Why hello there. fancy meeting you!
Stoked about this new profile thing. Doubt MCR are gonna read all these blogs, but i know they'll probs try (fingers crossed they come across mine). First blog just to say thanks to My Chemical Romance for being so awesome, and to the MCRmy who just f-ing rock. p.s. can't wait till the next album!!!!
It's so weird.
I've been looking through a lot of old mcr stuff and listening to their music. I never realized how much I've missed them. I'm more excited for their new stuff now more than I was before. :)
G'night lovelies!
I know I only just made my account, but I need to get to bed because I'm not sure what I'm doing tomorrow. I may be doing a lot of work around the that means early to bed and early to rise. See you all again soon!
Help Me Out
omg! some one who has had this for a while add me and help me wiff this ish cuse it is a bit confusing.... and yea lmao but other than tht im coolio! lets talk and become best friends! hahah and how do i add mikey way and the rest of mcr? idk how to do that part ive been trying but CANT! ahhhhh! lol xoxo
My B-day is tommorow!!!
I'm gonna be 14! I'm so excited! The way every one is talking, asking me what bands and stuff I like, I think I know what I'm getting! BTW, for those of you haven't seen Watchmen, you should see it! It's a great movie!Well, thats all. I also need Frank's,(or somebody elses) help., I heard this crazy ass rumor that Jamia is pregnant and you guys are getting a divorce! I doubt it's true but, pleez help. If it is true, I'll end up crying like I do when I see The ghost of you" music video when Mikey dies! Which is alot!
Star Wars?
So, if someone likes Star Wars, does that automatically make them a nerd? I don't think so. But that's just me. I'm a girl who LOVES Star Wars! And there's nothing you can do about it! I have the original Star Wars Trilogy! Even Episode I: The Phantom Menace! Yoda is a badass, and Darth Vador is just...well, Vador. I used to watch them all in order. But now I don't even have time to breathe with everything I have going. It sucks. I need to make some time for myself and Luke Skywalker. Sometime soon. You know? I always thought he was hot. Luke Skywalker I mean.
MCR back to rocknroll?
When their launch a new album? I cant wait :O and 1 more, add me as your friend :D