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MCR is the best!!
well, i've never blogged before, but now that i have the best subject in the world to blog about, i think I will. :) This band is one of the greatest bands i've ever had the pleasure of knowing. They're one of my favorites, and I've only known them for about 3 months, I know that would make people think i'm not a real fan, but I didn't become a fan cuz they're "popular". I became a fan because their music is fantastic and inspiring, and amazing, and every other great positive word you can think of. This site just made my life a whole lot better.
Life Rock's
This is the best gift that MCR give to us thaaanksss!! Los Fans de Venezuelaa y Latinoamericaa agreguenme!
Looking good mikey
Hey don't forget to vote for MCR!!
on scream awards: on Fuse "Best of Steven's Untitled Rock Show": on NME "The Gratest Live Band Ever": Let's make MCR win!! :D:D
yeah I'm new :)
ohh this is amazing, well i'm from chile and i love mcr !! hahaha is cool to be here :) xo for everything fans of the world :)
good night awake world out there,i've got to be a freashman in the morning sooo night XP
I know it is a toughie right??
All You Awesome MCR Fans!
Tell me why you love My Chemical Romance! What's your favorite song? Album? Video? Who's your favorite member? How did you get into them? PERSONALLY, I love Helena; it's the first one I heard! I love Revenge, the defining album. My favorite member would have to be Gerard, but Ray is equally talented and awesome! I've been listening since I was 12; I'm 17 now. They got me through the rough years. :)
I wanna know :D
kay, so I have a feeling I'm going to be an addict at blogs on here..hehe :3 So I just wanna get to know some of you. Tell me a little about yourselves and feel free to ask me questions :D xoxo
Being from Montreal, its almost impossible to not like hockey. Especially the montreal canadiens. and that must be the main reason why i love my hometown so much. hockey is what unites everyone here and you dont have to know how to skate to love it (i cant even stand on skates). You can feel it in the air when the habs won when you go outside the next day. Its everywhere on the news, it will always be on the frontpage of the newspaper, and everyone talks about it, so you cant avoid it.